Japan 2014 post 60

Author’s Note: Once again, many apologies for the extreme lateness of this final stanza of the Japan trip. My life has been quite busy these last few weeks, so I hope you will forgive me!
November thirtieth (again!)
When I got onto the plane I was shown to my seat, then given a brief safety review. The lady who gave it said that really she was supposed to demonstrate everything, but that I already knew what was going on, and there would be a review playing on the tv in a few moments. She was very pleasant, and I’m sort of glad I didn’t get the whole lecture! Although as promised, it came onto the built-in televisions soon enough.
Takeoff was a bit delayed, but nothing too serious. We got off the ground without a problem. Dark had already fallen, so it was pretty awesome seeing all the lights below us. I could see lights from the airport, Narita, and the surrounding areas. I don’t think I saw Tokyo, but Japan is very dense so I still saw lots of lights.
It turned out that I had two seats to myself on the flight home, which was great. My carry on bag was absolutely bulging (as you saw on an earlier post). I suspect that if I put it into those “check if your baggage is the right size” things, it wouldn’t have fit. I didn’t even try to put it into the overhead compartments (although I usually wouldn’t anyways), and could barely fit it between my window seat and the wall. It would’ve been quite uncomfortable if someone had been next to me. I was glad I didn’t try to stow my baggage, because shortly before takeoff a couple of the bins kept popping open, and wouldn’t remain shut. The flight attendants had to duct tape them shut, which looked a bit funny.
The whole flight was fairly uneventful. I watched three movies, and several tv shows. I had supper, a few soft drinks, and breakfast. I had forgotten to bring any gum to chew, so during takeoff and landing I merely moved my jaws up and down to relive the pressure in my ears; A tip I had read online while prepping for my first trip to Japan. There were several spots of turbulence due to a strong headwind, but nothing like my last return trip. Also unlike last time, I didn’t sleep at all on the flight. Although a few times I just leaned against the window and shut my eyes, or stared off blankly. Mid flight I filled out my customs form. I was a bit worried when it asked if I would be going to any farms in Canada, which of course I would be.
Altogether it was an extremely enjoyable flight, with some incredible views of the rising sun, amazingly blue clouds, and of course the snowy mountains and foothills.
Upon landing I had a bit of a wait, and then I was out taken alongside a woman in a wheelchair. We had to pass through several narrow hallways, checkpoints, and small elevators. The air canada lady said that some people are really intimidated by this walk. She then went on to say that it was much worse in the US. She also advised me to tear something off my customs form that I had forgotten to. She said that sometimes the customs guards were really rude and might ask me sardonically if I could read instructions. She was quite affable. By going through the maze, the bowels of the airport, I believe we bypassed several lines. In no time at all I had my luggage, went through customs (there were no problems with my plans to go to a farm), and was pretty much done! I saw dad through one of the big glass windows, and I nearly burst with happiness and excitement. Upon rounding a corner the rest of my family came into view as well, and there was a very happy reunion. It felt great to be embracing my parents and siblings again. The air canada lady said that she didn’t even need to see dad’s ID since it was obvious these were the right people.
In not too long we all got into the car (after passing through through the cold Canadian winter along the way!), and drove to Canmore. Dammie and Dampa were away at a craft sale when we returned, so mom and dad had a nap, and I unwound a bit. I didn’t want to fall asleep, as I knew it would really mess up my sleep pattern, so instead I worked out. During the next few hours after that, I FaceTimed Morgan, went for an extremely nice, albeit chilly walk with mom and dad, played Sorry, and Uno. When Dammie and Dampa returned, all of us sat down for a delicious pizza supper that mom had made us. For dessert we had chocolate cake and ice cream; one of Dammie’s (many) specialities. I was really glad to be able to see Dammie and Dampa so soon after getting home!
After supper I lounged in the jacuzzi bath and read. After that I lay in bed for a while, but I didn’t let myself fall asleep until ten thirty of eleven. Due to this, and to sleeping on the plane, I slept perfectly and didn’t have any jet lag at all!
I had another great day the next day, and on the following morning after that dad, Rowan, Robin, and I set off for home. Ironically we left mom in Canmore, as she was going to visit Auntie Susie in Victoria. The four of us had a long but good drive home, nothing like the drive home two years ago! We stopped for supper in North Battleford, and arrived home shortly after dark. It was awesome to be back. I was so happy to see our house, the cat, dog, and farm again. Unfortunately Shadow was sick, but it was still good to see her. It took me almost a week to fully unpack, but by now (the fifteenth of december), I’m pretty much back into the regular rhythm. I think that two months in Japan was the perfect amount of time for me. I enjoyed every day, but was ready to leave when the time came.
Thank you to everyone for following my amazing journey and adventures. And a big thank you to the Takasugi Family, and everyone else I met in Japan. It was truly incredible, and word can’t adequately describe how good it was. Thank you.
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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ecosophian on January 5, 2015 at 9:36 pm

    And once again …. welcome home!!!
    Thanks for sharing so much of your adventure through such disciplined journalling. We are so very proud of you Christopher, and so glad to have you home!


    • Thank you dad!
      And you’re most welcome. I’m very happy that I kept doing the journaling throughout my trip. It provided a nice bit of structure, as well as recording many memories.
      I’m so glad to be home as well!


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