Japan 2014 post 56

November twenty seventh
Well, apart from some slightly strange/scary dreams I slept quite well. In fact, it took a lot to get up! But I did, and got in the shower. After being refreshed by that I started my blogging. A little ways in, my stomach started rumbling, and I could literally feel it start to eat itself. I checked the fridge, but there were no mikkans, I was too cold for yogurt, and it would be rude to eat the last piece of pizza. Of course there were other things in there, but they would need to be heated up, and I still wasn’t quite sure I could. So I had a chocolate. Pretty crappy pre-breakfast, but it tided me over.
With a fifteen minute break for Massan, I did my blogging. When that was finished I went upstairs to do my devotional. I was half way done the first part when Atsushi started calling up the stairs. He wanted Catherine, but she was working, so I responded. He wanted someone to dress him, but he wasn’t being particularly polite. I was hungry, tired, and in the middle of my prayer work, so I said I couldn’t. But then I decided that it would be ironic to refuse someone help while reading about God. So I went downstairs and got him dressed. When I returned to my devotions and finished reading, it turned out to be about sharing God’s love and generosity, and doing acts of kindness.
After I finished that, I came back downstairs to study some Japanese. I reviewed the first three lessons in textbook 2 (the one I’m working on). I took a bagel break, and ate one with delicious jam on it. When I had finished my study, it was just about time for Catherine to have a lesson, so I decided to run to Rogers. Today was tai chi, and I wanted to have something to contribute to snack time for all of my friends. I jogged to the store, doing some nice parkour along the way, and on the way back. In fact, on the way there I met Maseko, who was en route to our house for her lesson. We said a brief hello, and that we’d see each other soon.
When I got home I popped into the kitchen to say hello to Catherine and Maseko. Ayako had a cold, so she wasn’t there. But Maseko had a gift for me! Three Japanese study books, and a Japanese/foreign language dictionary. They’re perfect for me, thank you Maseko! When her lesson was over we said a somewhat said goodbye, and she said to come back again. I didn’t have much time after that until Hoshino San came, so I lay in my sun soaked bed and read my book. I started it last night, and it’s really good. It’s called Myth Directions.
Tai chi was excellent. Maybe it was because it’s the last time, but it went really quickly. We worked on the same movements as always, with and without the fan. I really liked it. The movement, music, atmosphere, and especially the people. After the lesson almost everyone went to a restaurant for lunch together. I was really glad! title was interesting to see everyone out of tai chi. So wearing their own clothes, and just having lunch, not doing tai chi. I got to talk to most people, but especially the Sensei, Hoshino San, and the Sensei’s adult daughter. She had joined us in tai chi as well, and was very interesting. She’s lived in America, Japan, and now lives in Spain. So she’s trilingual! English, Spanish, and Japanese. I’m really glad I was able to talk to her a bit, and I’m SUPER glad that everyone who came did. The social connection was better than the food. Not to downplay the food though, it was really good too. I had sushi, udon, tempura, miso soup, and this really tasty soup with egg on top. I don’t know how they prepared the egg, but it was kind of like gelatine. The whole meal was excellent.
It was bittersweet to say goodbye. Especially though to Hoshino San. He’s been so great to me, and done so much for me. I’ll really miss him. Maybe he doesn’t like goodbyes though, because when we biked home, he just called a “mata ne” (see you) over his shoulder and kept biking. But I called out for him to wait, and said a proper goodbye and thank you. It wouldn’t have felt right for me to say goodbye so casually after how great he’s been.
The rest of the day was pretty quiet. I hung out with Catherine, played iPad with the kids, tasted the persimmon, apple pear, apple sauce Catherine made (it was awesome), and went to Rogers again. I ran and did some parkour along the way, but on the way back my bag was too cumbersome. I had bought a few drinks, and some other treats. Last few days in Japan, so I may as well! When I got home I organized some of my stuff (although I’m not packing yet!), and then wrote most of this!
For supper we had the spicy shrimp, lettuce, and ranch dressing salad that Catherine makes. We also had a delicious soup with a special Japanese potato in it, and raw fish that you dip in a special sauce then wrap in tasty leaves. The whole meal was superb, and Catherine and I watched a funny video as we ate. For desert we each had a bowl of the fruit sauce, and so did Yatchan. Catherine was pretty surprised by this, because it’s a bit of an unusual combination, but he said it was good. He actually got home really early for a regular work day, and so I got to visit with him during the later part of super. It was nice.
After dishes I went upstairs and did my iPad, and reading time. And then off to bed!
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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on November 28, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Hi Christopher I still have been following along each day. It’s been a joy ride for me. I appreciate that there will be tears shed with the goodbyes. But also realize that there have been such heart-binding connections made that you will carry with you for years to come. Please pass on my ‘BIG THANKS’ to all that took such good care of you…….I feel like I’ve been introduced to them as well! But it will also be wonderful to have you back here with family again! No more showers every morning tho’!!

    Peace to all there……& have a good flight back.

    PS Be prepared for WINTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Thank you! And I’m sorry for not posting for a while… But you’re totally right, the connections I’ve made will last much longer than my trip did.


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