Japan 2014 post 54

November twenty sixth
Well, sadly it wasn’t a great sleep last night, but it was enough. When my alarm went off, I shut it down then had my shower. Yatchan didn’t have to go to work until a bit later this morning, so he stayed at home while Catherine took Ayana to the tennis courts, allowing me to go back to bed. Of course I didn’t sleep, but it was a good rest.
For breakfast I had two English muffins (which Catherine had prepared, so they were properly toasted) spread with jam. It was super tasty. By the time I finished it was already eight, so Catherine and I watched Massan. It was an interesting episode since a fair bit of it was in English.of course the main character is English, but we’ve only heard her speak a few words in the last. This time she was being a translator in a business meeting between a Japanese guy and a Scottish guy.
After the show I got my blogging finished. It took a little while, but this time I was more careful so I didn’t have to rewrite it! I did a little bit of reading in my Japanese journal, then Catherine, Atsushi, and I went to Jusco. It rained on and off all day, so it was a good day for shopping. I would’ve like to have bought all of my presents earlier, but oh well. It’s done now! Catherine had some work to do as well, and she had Atsushi. We had been planning on shuffling him back and forth between us, but he just sat in his shopping cart car and played on the iPad happily. It took a few hours, and I needed Catherine’s help at some points, but I got everything done. Catherine got a good chunk of her work done too. We took a bit of a break at Starbucks, and I got an iced hot chocolate, and a cup of cinnamon bun bits with the white, sweet cinnamon bun stuff. Yes, it was as good as it sounds.
Catherine and I both had shopping to do at the grocery store, so we went together and Catherine helped me out. I bought a ton of food. We both used the self checkout, and I helped with both bags. We did my bag first, and set in beside the machine. Then after we finished Catherine’s I helped Atsushi put away his basket, and we set off. I completely forgot about my bag. Adding further distraction, someone dropped some of their groceries and Catherine had to chase them down to return them. A bit later in the day I wondered where my bag was, then saw Catherine with hers and thought it was mine. It wasn’t until we were putting stuff into the car that Catherine realized we had forgotten it. She ran back downstairs, and a few minutes later returned. With the bag. We were both so happy, because it had been expensive! She said it was one of those “Only in Japan” moments. The clerks had seen we’d forgotten it, put it out of the way, and returned it to Catherine without even asking for a receipt. Thank goodness they put it away! Catherine said it was Karma; she had given the other woman her dropped groceries, so someone have us ours.
When we got home I had a bowl of persimmon apple sauce, finishing it off, and a chikuwa. Chukuwa are a tube of some sort of fish that’s eaten as a snack. I quite like them. Then I picked Ayana up from the gorilla. Catherine had gotten her a beautiful Christmas decoration for her desk, so she was really happy. After that, I wrote a thank you note to the family who’s house we had went to after our lunch at the fishing restaurant. Catherine had made a really nice card with pictures, so we both wrote on it. After that I did some Japanese practice before Reiko came to pick me up. While there, I got her help translating a thank you note I was writing for Yuta’s school. We had curry and rice with Keito for supper, and the three of us watched parkour videos. After that Reiko gave me an envelope. Inside was a really nice card from all of the people who had come to Sagami. And a gift of money. Reiko said they’d wanted to get me a gift, but then thought to give me money instead. That way I could use it for souvenirs, or my house, or whatever. I didn’t expect that, and I’m so thankful! What great people.
Volleyball was great. Unfortunately the other boy was too shy to come, but even so there were seven other women so we had proper teams. Today it was super fun. I’m not exactly sure why, but there was much more laughing, joyful camaraderie, and funny mistakes that everyone laughed about. For instance, once Reiko got hit (lightly) in the head with a serve from our own team. And a couple times I dove for the ball and ended up sliding across the floor on my chest, arms outstretched. Or once I got knocked to the ground by the ball. It was awesome. Maybe it was because the more serious men weren’t there… At the end of the game everyone gave me one of the volleyballs, that way I can play at home! It was a great day.
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  1. Posted by ecosophian on November 26, 2014 at 1:22 pm

    It’s called “bittersweet”, as you slowly say goodbye. Your heart will try to close itself down, so as not to be broken, but keep it wide open right to the end, even if it hurts…


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