Japan 2014 post 51

November twenty second
Well, I only have seven days left in Japan. It feels like I’ve been here forever, and at the same time no time at all. I’m already getting sad about leaving but I can’t wait to see my family, and friends. Or my pets! Unfortunately I probably won’t be able to talk to a priest (one of the things I wanted to do it Japan), because this season is very busy for them. But there’s still some hope, and we’re still looking.
This morning was pretty much spent in bed for me. I woke up around nine thirty, then watched parkour videos for the next hour and a half. When I did get out of bed I had a mikkan, two kiwis, and a bowl of this amazing persimmon apple sauce Catherine had made. It had lots of both of the fruits, cinnamon, sugar, allspice, butter, and a bit of apple juice. And it was just incredible!
Catherine was playing with the kids in the living room, so I did my blogging. When I had finished Ayana and I shared a couple of Pocky sticks. Basically they’re small, thin, cookie tubes with chocolate on the outside an inside. Sounds pretty good right? After eating a couple, I jumped on my bike and headed to Dōman Park. Since it’s the weekend it was a lot busier than usual, but it was still fun, and I training in several spots. I’m a bit discouraged with my sideflip right now, they’re not going quite how I want them too. So I mostly worked on those, and roundoff backtucks. Near the end I worked a bit on J-step moves, then a baseball team started practicing right in front of me. But it was time to go anyways.
It was really hot today, so when I got home I threw all my sweaty clothes into the laundry and jumped in the shower. When I got out I did my devotional, and a couple of light exercises. It was already three, but I hadn’t had lunch yet. In fact all I’d had today was fruit, two chocolate sticks, water, and fruit tea. So I was pretty hungry. I ended up having another bowl of fruit sauce, chips, and salsa. Which was satisfying. When I finished I got out my Japanese journal and read a few entries out loud. Then I grabbed a pen and wrote one. I don’t think it’s quite right (I’m sure not everything is right!), so I guess Ayako will have two to correct the next time I see her! I. Really glad she’s able to do that for me. After that I started talking to a couple friends online. They were both having troubles, so it didn’t end up being very relaxing for me….
Before supper I had a mochi, and worked on my story. During that time I noticed that both of my friends were having bad days, Ayana was really grumpy, and Catherine had a headache and just wasn’t feeling great. I wondered jokingly to myself if it was the full moon or something, then just for fun I checked the calendar, and it was a new moon. When there is no moon, and thus no light from the sun being reflected off of it. What an interesting coincidence…. And if that wasn’t strange enough, today Catherine was supposed to have a friend who had moved to Canada (from Japan) come visit, but he didn’t show up. Yatchans was supposed to be meeting with him later too, and Catherine just didn’t know what was going on. She said, “I wish someone would call me.” And I kid you not, as soon as the words were out of her mouth her phone started ringing. And it was her friend.
He ended up coming for a short visit not long after that, and then when Catherine came back from taking him to the station, we had supper. Despite being a bit of a mishmash, it was delicious. We finished off the stew from a few nights ago, Catherine made a lettuce salad with spicy shrimp, and we each had a bowl of the persimmon apple sauce. It was really good, and actually a really good day. Even if I didn’t really do much!
Christopher  P.S. I had to write this post twice, because the first time I wrote it I was going to cut and paste it into a different editor to add the photos (that’s just how I have to do it), but I accidentally copied something else on top of that, so everything was lost…. But I rewrote it, so here it is.

P.P.S. Photos: views from the top of the hill that borders Dōman Park (towards Tokyo I believe). Stray cats at the park. The awesome train track I made for Atsushi yesterday.  imageimageimageimage


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