Japan 2014 post 50

November twenty first
I think that today was a pretty good day. After my shower I had a bowl of yogurt and granola, followed by a chocolate croissant. And a kiwi later in the morning. After breakfast Catherine and I took Ayana to the tennis courts. Yatchan had the day off work, so he could stay home with Atsushi. When Cat and I got back all four of us watched Massan. After the show was over I did my devotional, and posted on my blog. I also did a bit of architecture. Catherine had a lesson with Ayako, and Maseko a bit later on the morning, but I was out for a good portion of the lesson time. I was on a mission at Rogers. I jogged there, then had to find apple juice, ginger, and cinnamon. The cinnamon proved to be the hardest of the lot to find, but I did eventually. As I was searching for it, I stumbled upon a tiny coke, which I ended up buying. Mainly just because it was cute. On the way home I realized that I should probably not jog, as it was shaking it up in my backpack. So I just waited a while before drinking it when I got home. While I waited for it to decarbonate a bit, I listened in on the lesson, and did some work on my iPad. Ayako was her by now, and she had something for me from the school teacher. It was a newsletter about my visit, that everyone in the class had gotten, as well as a folder with all the pictures he had taken. Only I was lucky enough to get that though! I’m really glad I’ve got those pictures, and great memories!

When it was ready, I drank my coke on the front steps. After that I decided to go to the shrine park for some training. I practiced mostly the same things as last time I was there, but this time I worked a bit more on vaults, and precision jumps. I have this huge 16 foot gap from tire to tire that I want to cross. I can’t quite make the whole jump yet, only 14′ or so, and not onto the tire. But it was still exhilarating, and it felt like I was flying!

When I got back inside I chilled out for a little while, then had lunch. I ate two mochis, dipped on ponzu with sugar in it. Yatchan told me it was really good, and he hadn’t been joking. I also had a bowl of last night’s stew, and a persimmon that Catherine cut up for me. I don’t have persimmon very often, so I don’t know how to cut them up! But now I do. I had a fair bit to eat, but I still had that slightly unsatisfied, snacky feeling. So I ended up eating several shortbread cookies throughout the day.
Lunch was quite late, so I just had half an hour or so before picking Ayana up from school. During that time I mostly watched parkour videos, then on my way to and from picking her up I did some parkour. Actually, when I was on my way there, I stopped outside the rehabilitation centre on the corner of the street. There were two middle aged Japanese ladies, and two gorgeous black labs. I couldn’t help myself, because they looked almost exactly like shadow, just bigger than the last time I saw her. So given how long I’ve been away, they’re probably a similar size. So of course my heart melted. After a quick hello to the owners, I started petting one of the dog’s head. After a few moments of that it suddenly stood up and gently put it’s front paws on my chest. I said hello to it and kept petting it. Usually a dog doing that to me (more so when I was younger, but even now a bit) wouldn’t have been too well received. But this dog was so much like my own that I was fine with it. After a couple seconds of petting, it went back down, and I continued on my way. It wasn’t much, but for me it was really meaningful.
When we got home I only had a little bit of time before Yatchan took Ayana and Catherine to their various things tonight and I watched Atsushi. So instead of starting anything, I just lay down. When the others left, Atsushi and I played trains together in the tatami room. I have to say that I think I made a pretty sweet track for us.
When Yatchan got home I again only had a bit of time, so I worked out, and then watched videos for a couple minutes. Atsushi was still playing with his trains, but I decided to plug in Ayana’s electric keyboard and make some music. I don’t know how to play piano, so at first it was just me hitting some random melodies, and random bass lines (separately) until I hit a few notes consecutively and realized they were the first three notes of “Do your ear hang low”. After that I was hooked, and spent the rest of the time while the others were gone learning the song. I had no music, only the tune in my head, but I managed to learn it by ear. I guess the lessons from my music teacher, and all the help from dad have been paying off in my ability to learn by ear. Of course I’m not playing it perfectly, but it sounds pretty close.
Just before the troops returned, the doorbell rang. Thinking it might be them, I answered it. But it wasn’t them, it was Catherine’s organic produce boxes. I think I handled it pretty well, even if I wasn’t always sure what the delivery man was saying, and we got all the food sorted out without a hitch.
For super we had a fish (from the delivery) that not only is delicious, but is high in omega-3 and very good for you. I also had a bowl of stew on couscous, and these amazing sandwiches. During her morning lesson, Catherine had been notified of a great way to eat persimmons. On top of bread with cheese melted onto it. Catherine tried it out with English muffins, the persimmon, and cheese, all put into the microwave. And they were just incredible! I wish we could’ve had more! I’m sure glad she tried it, even though it sounds sort of crazy.
Well, even though today was pretty laid back, tomorrow is Saturday and the whole day is empty for me. I’m pretty tired, so I’m hoping to sleep in lots. Then maybe go to Dōman park in the afternoon!
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  1. Posted by ecosophian on November 22, 2014 at 5:37 pm

    Shadow is waiting for you!!!


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