Japan 2014 post 49

November twentieth
This morning I quickly ate a hard boiled egg before jumping in the shower once I woke up. I’m really appreciating the hot shower in the mornings, it like sitting in front of the fire at home.
When I got out of the shower I took Ayana to the tennis courts. On my way home, the woman whom I sometimes talk to gave me a bag of persimmons for our house! That was very nice of her, and they look and feel delicious. Catherine and I both prefer them crispy. After giving them over to Catherine, we sat down to watch Massan. I quite like the show, it’s entertaining, and interesting for me as well. When the show was over I Skyped Rowan and Robin for a while, then wrote my blog. When I finished I did my devotionals, and watched parkour videos until 10:50. Just before Hoshino San came over, I realized I hadn’t really had anything to eat, so I had a bagel as we biked to tai chi. Even with a sweater on, it was pretty cold.
The lesson was great though. Like usual we stretched for half an hour before really starting. After the parkour on Tuesday it felt really nice. As we went through the movements during the lesson, I noticed that after four classes or so, I was already starting to remember certain parts, and get stronger and more flexible in certain areas. It was nice. I also noticed an improvement with the fan, especially since someone gave me some pointers.
At break time, someone had brought persimmons. I guess fall is persimmon season, so it’s best to eat them when they’re fresh! and these ones were very good too. I realized that next week is my last lesson, which is sort of sad…
When I got home I had a plate of last nights leftover for lunch. And it was just as good as yesterday, although the sweet potatoes weren’t as crispy. Catherine brought out a bag of shortbread cookies we had bought from Costco, and we snacked on them during the afternoon. I have to say, they’re very good. After eating I went upstairs and watched several parkour videos, did some push-ups, and worked on my story a bit. Around three Hoshino San came by to take me to Pingpong. It was raining, so instead of biking we carpooled with a few other women. At the community centre (we actually use the same room for Pingpong as we do for tai chi), there were about 7 or 8 of us, and I played with everybody. It was really a blast! And I’m pretty sure people weren’t going easy on me this time.
When I got home Catherine was back from her parent teacher interviews at Ayana’s school, which had went great. Unfortunately she had had to walk home in the rain since she gave her umbrella to Ayana earlier. But she was very happy with the results of the interview. It was a little while until supper when I got home, so I practiced Japanese. Catherine was making an amazing smelling stew. It had chicken, sweet potatoes, garlic, onions, thyme, a turnip-type vegetable, and leafy greens. It was incredible, hearty, and filling, as well as delicious!
After supper Catherine and I tackled the dishes, then I began my bedtime routine. It was a bit delayed since I was planning on staying downstairs for a while for when the post office rang the doorbell. But they ended up coming sooner than expected, so Catherine was still up when they came. Afterwards I went upstairs and to bed. I was really tired after today, but it was still nice to read before sleeping. I’m really enjoying my book!
What a good day.
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