Japan 2014 post 46

November seventeenth
Today was back to the usual 6:30 wake up. I hadn’t had a great sleep last night, but I was fine when I got up. I had myself a bowl of granola, yogurt, and maple syrup while I waited for the shower. After my shower I did my devotional, then started blogging. Since yesterday was a bit of a late night, I had yesterday’s blogging work to do too. During my blogging time I was able to talk to my family though, and Atsushi said hello too. It was after that that I decided to get myself some naan bread. I like it sort of warm, so I threw it in the microwave. Now, usually I think I’m a perfectly functioning member of “normal” society, despite living without electricity. But today was a bit of a face palm.
I put my little pice of bread into the microwave, and when the timer was about halfway done, Atsushi, who was in the other room, gave a startled gasp and yelled “Christopher!”. I looked up from my work, and the kitchen was filling with an off white smoke. I jumped up from my chair, and hit cancel on the microwave. I then opened the microwave door and thick smoke poured out. It had been full to the brim with it. Atsushi called for Catherine as I threw open a window and grabbed tea towel. Catherine rushed downstairs, but Atsushi hadn’t been very clear so she thought there was some sort of electrical fire. But it wasn’t, so she ran around opening doors and windows, then joined me with a bath towel. It took a little while, but eventually the smoke cleared, and we were left with a microwave with smoky residue inside, a blackened piece of naan bread, and a bit of a foul odour. I felt terrible! Apparently it’s happened before, and there was no lasting damage, but still. It was embarrassing too, I out in the bread for FOUR minutes, when it only needs twenty seconds. I don’t even know how to use a microwave! But Catherine didn’t seem mad, and after that it was a fairly good days
I did a short workout in the morning, then went outside for a run. I jogged about 500 metres to Rogers, where I stopped to do some shopping. I bought myself a salt and litchi, and a block of that amazing chocolate Ayako introduced me to. Then I ran/jogged intermittently back home. But instead of stopping there, I walked a little ways, then ran around the block, going to the shrine a different way than usual. When I got there I had some of my drink, then took a bunch of pictures. When I had done that I just walked around the shrine and enjoyed it. It was very peaceful, and beautiful, and meditative. It was great. I saw the fish, and the turtles, and the changing leaves. And I touched the “God Tree”, and said my own prayers. It was very nice.
When I got home (I sprinted) Catherine had made me a chicken and cranberry sauce sandwich on a cheese bagel. I finished up my drink too, and it was good. When I finished eating Catherine had a lesson to go to. Usually Ayako come to babysit at this time, but she was at home with a sick Sayune. So I took her place. Atsushi and I had a great time.
When Catherine got back I practiced Japanese for a while, then met Ayana coming home from school. On the way there I did parkour, and coming home Ayana and I ran a bit. We had fun together doing heel clicks along the way.
Catherine and two classes at the Shukaijo, during which Atsushi and I played outside. He played in the sandbox, and I did some parkour. During the second class Reiko was there, so we made some plans for tomorrow. It’s going to be a fun afternoon!
For supper Catherine made us Mabodofu. It’s sort of like chilli, it had tofu, mincemeat, and was thick and salty. We had it on top of rice and it was great. On the side there was cheese garlic buns, and cooked greens and cubed meat. I was enjoying a glass of milk as well. That’s when disaster struck. Well, not really, but I’m glad dad wasn’t there, because I spilled my milk! It hit my journal, and my iPad. But luckily both were ok. It also got onto the floor, bench and wall. Yuck. But Catherine and I cleaned it up, and it’s fine. I guess today wasn’t my day for food! But as a pick-me-up, Catherine gave me a slab of marble chocolate with almonds in it. That was great.
Well, hopefully tomorrow I won’t be so accident prone!
Christopher image image imageimage image image image image image image


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on November 18, 2014 at 6:50 am

    well……..quite the day of ‘mishaps’! (chuckle) Happens to all of us. Remember me & the wheat kernels running all over the floor! & the butter dish splatting everywhere as well as a leg from the dish! I felt terrible at the time, but we get over it. Happens to all of us from time to time. I am totally fascinated with the pic of the ‘gateway’ to the shrine. Is this common in most residential areas? or are you just lucky to live close to one?
    I hope you will be able to show me how to use chopsticks when you get back. Love your pics!!


    • Yes, I do remember! I suppose it does just happen to us all.
      I’m not sure how common the shrine is, not very I don’t think. Catherine often said that she’s lucky and glad that they live right next to it, because it really breaks up the concrete jungle. I’d be happy to show you when I return!
      Thanks (:


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