Japan 2014 post 45

November sixteenth
Well, I did manage a good sleep in today. Until around 10:30. It was a very good sleep, but I was still tired.
While I waited for the shower I had three kiwis for breakfast. It’s been a long time since I’ve had kiwis, so it was really nice. I also started heating up some chocolate chip croissants, but it was my turn in the shower before they were ready. So I ate them later, at the train station. It was a really chilly morning, even inside, so the warm shower felt really good.
Once I got out, it was pretty much time to go. We were meeting Eriko at 11:30, and her husband was driving us to the station. When we got there we took a couple trains into downtown Tokyo. Along the way a couple other friends and their children met us, and we went to the restaurant. There was still one other woman and her daughter to come, but they arrived just shortly after us.
The restaurant we were going to was sort of unusual, but very interesting, and fancy. It’s “theme” was fish, and fishing. In fact in order to eat, you had to catch your fish! I thought it sounded pretty cool when Catherine told me about it earlier, and wondered if it would be on the ocean or something. But that wasn’t quite the case. They had two large ponds inside, and you were given a rod with a hook on it. You had to maneuver your hook under the fish’s mouth, then pull upwards and snap it. It was promptly netted, and given over to the employees, you didn’t kill it. But I sort of wish you did, then I would know that my fish’s death was as quick and painless as possible. I hope the kitchen didn’t let it be out of the water alive for too long. But I guess that there are lots of people who don’t know how to kill fish, and there were lots of different types of fish, and different ways to prepare them, so maybe it was better the kitchen did it. I felt weird catching fish like that, where they didn’t have any chance. So I only caught one. I definitely like lake fishing better…
I went back to our seating area, and started talking to some people with Catherine. We were sitting in the traditional Japanese style on mats, around a low table. But there was a pit for our feet, so it felt like sitting on a bench. There was about eleven of us, so our area was pretty big! Everybody had a little bit of English, so through English, Japanese, and Catherine’s assistance, I was able to chat a bit. And I could sort of understand their conversations too. We talked about my life a bit, and they seemed to be impressed that I had ideas and plans about my future. Everybody was really nice, and fun!
I had a lot to eat and drink today. Catherine told me to enjoy myself, so I did. Ayana and I started off the meal by drinking a ramune, a popular Japanese soft drink introduced in 1876! It comes in a neat glass bottle, and there’s a marble inside that rattles, and prevents too much liquid from coming out. It’s very tasty. In fact there’s a Japanese candy that I like with the same flavour.
After everybody had caught the amounts of fish they wanted (although some people went back again later), the food started coming. We had all the different types of fish prepared ip in different ways. A couple of them were raw (hey, we knew they were fresh!), thinly sliced, that you swirled in soy sauce and ate. It was really good. There was also deep fried fish, like fish sticks. It even had an awesome tartar sauce to dip in. There was one whole, baked fish as well. You just went it there with your chopsticks and grabbed some meat. It was delicious. Catherine and I really liked it. It’s called Tai, and it’s a celebration fish. Often eaten after you win a sumo competition or something. They’re a reddish colour, and taste great cooked or raw.
For desert I had a big banana, chocolate, ice cream parfait. After all the fish, wasabi octopus, a bit of chicken and fries, shellfish, ramune, melon soda, calpis, and water I was really full! But that didn’t make desert any less delicious. Besides, it’s a separate stomach right?
I had a great time at the restaurant, everyone was having fun, the food was delicious, and the atmosphere was neat. But eventually we had to leave. But instead of splitting up, everyone went back to one of the woman’s house in downtown Tokyo. It’s actually a really fancy apartment, and she’s on the top floor. Needless to say, the views were amazing. Especially since she’s above the train station, so you could see all sorts of trains. I even got to blow bubbles over Tokyo, which I’ll probably never do again!
Funny story: the woman who’s house it is, her husband is a famous Japanese singer. And he plays gold with our neighbour Eriko! Several years ago, Catherine and Ayana were visiting Eriko, and they mentioned that they liked his music. Of course they didn’t know that Eriko knew him, so what a crazy coincidence! Ayana wrote him a letter, and it was on their family’s fridge for a while. And of course now Catherine is part of the women group of friends, so they’ve met him. Pretty cool…. His wife even have me some of his CDs, so I’m excited to hear them.
At the house, everyone just hung out and visited. The adult were drinking, and the kids playing video games. I hung out mostly with the adults, and had a nice visit. At one point the kids were singing karaoke, so I’m glad that I wasn’t with them at that time! But I did play Mario cart with them for a while, and a Japanese drum game. It was on the easiest level, so I actually did pretty well. But her kids play it every day, so they’re amazing.
The whole day was a ton of fun, and I got to meet some really great people. I’m so glad that I was able to go!
Christopher P.S. I’ll probably have some more pictures tomorrow  image image image image image image image image


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  1. Posted by ecosophian on November 17, 2014 at 3:40 am

    Wow! Pretty spectacular!!! Blowing bubbles over Tokyo, hobnobbing with rock stars, and eating the food of Sumo wrestlers … How can you best that!


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