Japan 2014 post 44

November fifteenth
Today was quite a quiet day, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a restful one. I was working pretty much all day, from when I got up at 10:30, until around quarter to five. I had a lot of blogging work to do. I blogged about my day at Yuta’s school, wrote yesterday’s journal, blogged it, and now am writing today’s. Both the school day and the amusement park took a long time to do. During the two “breaks” from writing that I took, I tidied my room up and organized the stuff that was under my bed. Then in the afternoon I did a work out.
Since I got up so late, I didn’t really have lunch. Or breakfast… I just had a cheese bagel, and a fruit to go bar. But that was enough to tide me over until supper. I started out with a bowl of Oden, and some rice. It was very good, but not too long after Catherine came home with sushi. It was delicious, and just what I needed to fill me up.
I had hoped that I would get a bit more done today than I did, but I’m pleased that I accomplished what I did. And I was also able to talk to both Morgan, and my family. And I studied some of the kanji cards that we have around the house.
While Yatchan was picking Catherine up from the station this evening (she’d had a day out), I heard people playing in the park outside. And it totally sounded like they were speaking English! This is the second time that that’s happened. Where I can barely hear people, but it sounds like they’re speaking my language. Maybe it’s because I can’t really hear what they’re saying, just muttering, and so my brain automatically “translates” (even though it’s probably not hearing what they’re actually saying). I’m not sure, but it’s interesting.
Tomorrow we’re going out for lunch with Eriko, so I can sleep all morning if I want. I hope I do, because I really need to catch up on my sleep!
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