Japan 2014 post 40

November eleventh
I slept alright last night, although I did wake up at 3:30 for a minute, but I as able to fall back to sleep. My iPad went off, and I thought it was my alarm, but when I looked at it, the time was 3:30, and it was Morgan trying to call! When I talked to him later, he told me he’d completely forgotten about the time change. But it was fine, since I slept after turning my iPad off.
When my iPad actually did go off three hours later, I had a shower, then breakfast. Catherine made me toast, sausages, and I got a mikkan. It was a really good breakfast. Afterwards I was able to Skype Rowan and Robin for a while. Mom and Dad where at Tom and Judy’s, but it was nice to talk to the kids.
Next I did my devotional, and I actually had a really good meditation period! When I finished, in aid to our cause of eating lots of mochi (Catherine has an over abundance, and it’s clogging her freezer!), I had two. One of them I did up like Ayako taught me, and the other one I just dipped in Ponzu. They were both really good.
I got my blogging done next, then had a good talk with Morgan. We can’t wait to see each other in a month or so and train! Afterwards I read a few entries from the Japanese journal I had done with Reiko, and then I tried something new. I wrote a (short) entry by myself. I had to ask Catherine what the word was for barefoot, but pretty much alone. I felt good about doing it! When I asked Ayako to look over and correct it later, there were a few grammar and spelling errors, but it wasn’t too bad. Ayako thought I did a good job.
I worked on architecture today too. Both my “fun” design, and the designs for my house. I’m thinking about window placement right now, which is sort of stressful. It’s one of those important things, and you can’t change it afterwards if something doesn’t feel right. Or at least not easily. It’s also one of the first things I need to know before I can start framing… And windows are key to a tiny house.
For lunch today we had a similar pasta to yesterday, but with avocado on top, and Onigiri on the side. When we finished I had a bit if a rest, then worked out for twenty five minutes. When I finished it was just time to get Ayana, so I went to meet her at the gorilla. It was sort of grey and cold, but at least it wasn’t raining as it had been earlier. When the two of us got home we went to Rogers with Ayako and Atsushi. I had to buy some things in preparation for school the day after tomorrow. We got shoes, and a nice dress shirt. We had just planned to buy some really cheap, one use shoes, but instead I invested in a (relatively inexpensive though nice) pair of runners. That way I can use them as indoor shoes on the school day, then they can become my parkour shoes. We also got some chocolate, although they weren’t for school. I ate them while I wrote, and they were so good! Dangerously good. I couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth, so it’s good that the package was small.

After writing, I basically just chilled and watched parkour videos until supper. Catherine made a delicious, nutritious, vegetable filled Nabe. It even had pumpkins and mushrooms, which I actually loved! And of course we had rice too. Very, very tasty.
Tomorrow is a bit unsure, but I’m sure whatever happens will be fun.
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  1. Posted by Jacquee on November 12, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Great floor plan you have! Is that for a 10’x12′ space? And what will you have left for inside measurements? Is your bed going to be a pull-out or pull-down? Have you left a space under a counter for a wood box? Looks like you will have plenty of light in your ‘tiny space’. Course, being a draughtsman myself, I was instantly drawn to your layout. The Japanese characters for writing are beautifully done. Have you ever considered writing with a brush & ink? Keep well & miss you


    • Thank you! And it’s actually 8×12. This design is just one of the ones that I’m considering, I have three others, each basically the same, but with different stoves, as I still haven’t decided on a stove. After the walls are subtracted I m left with 7×11, but I also have a full size loft. That’s going to be where my bed is, but there will be a pull down bed for guests downstairs. Johnny and I are going to engineer it so that it pulls down from the ceiling. And yes, I’m planning the woodbox to be under the counter. I didn’t know you were a draftsman! Tell me more!
      And thank you, that’s very nice! You should really see how Japanese people write, or the kanji (Chinese characters) they do, it’s like watching magic seeing them write them.
      I miss you too!


    • And I haven’t thought about dog gthem in ink, but that’s an interesting idea.


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