Japan 2014 post 39

November ninth
I had another great sleep last night, and was able to skype my family when I got up. Being able to skype so much (way more often than last time) is really nice, I’m glad that I can see everyone on a somewhat regular basis, even though I’m on the other side of the world.
It was a somewhat miserable day weather wise, but I hadn’t really planned on doing anything much outside, so it was ok. Instead I had a nice breakfast of mikkan, banana, rice, and tofu with fish sprinkles and soy sauce. It was sort of brunch. After I ate I was able to do a good workout, then talk to Morgan. We were able to FaceTime for about an hour, and had a really good conversation. He told me about when Robin and dad were at his house, and that it was fun, but strange without me there too. When I talked to Robin earlier, he also said that it was fun.
I did my blogging during the morning/early afternoon, then started a bit of research. This afternoon I’m doing a presentation during Catherine’s English lesson. I’m going to be talking about parkour and freerunning, so I wanted to make some notes and get a few facts. I even did a mock presentation (to myself) to see how it sounded. The actual thing was different because I hadn’t written it out, but oh well.
For late lunch I had a couple mochi, and Catherine made an incredible Chilean ham pizza. It was divine. For the hour or so between lunch and the lesson, I mostly just hung out. It was a bit of a day of rest for me, so I just played on my iPad, and reviewed my presentation in my head. Around three Yatchan and the kids dropped Catherine and I off at Kompao, where we met Shigedi and Yasuhiro. We started out by sharing news of the last week, so we talked a fair bit about our trip together last weekend, the culture festival, aquarium, supper. And then they talked a bit about what they did downstairs while I was napping in my room. Sounded like a party! About half an hour into the lesson Catherine handed me the proverbial mike, and I gave my presentation. Catherine helped me lots by helping them understand, or letting me know when they didn’t have a certain word in their vocabulary. She even took charge of the whiteboard, and wrote stuff down to make in simpler for them. And when we didn’t know how to explain something like creativity, or way of thinking, Catherine was there to provided visual examples I wouldn’t have even thought of. The presentation touched on history, philosophy, equipment/clothing needed, how people make money from freerunning, differences between parkour and freerunning, some of the reasons why they were popular, inspirations for me/my parkour story, and then ended by asking them a few questions. Catherine had warned me earlier that Japanese people aren’t good at responding to person or deeper questions on the spot (let alone in english) so I modified my questions a bit into more yes or no’s, but even then it was tricky for them. They were probably just tired from listening to me talk for half an hour. Anyways, Catherine and I both thought the presentation went really well.
After the lesson we came home, although we dropped Catherine and Ayana off at Rodgers so they could get new shoes for Ayana. Today is Atsushi’s fourth birthday! Catherine had made an amazing looking and smelling cake in the morning, so we had a singing/candle blowing/cake cutting when everyone got home. Only Atsushi was able to enjoy its deliciousness yet though, the rest of us still had to eat supper. We had the same delicious meat, lettuce, and special sauce as yesterday, as well as rice. It was really good! When I was finished I got two big pieces of cake, and it was every bit as good as it looked. As we ate, Catherine told us some hilarious stories, and we all had a good time. Happy birthday Atsushi!
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