Japan 2014 post 38

November eighth
Last night I restarted my routine of reading before bed, instead of using my iPad. I read for an hour until 10, and I must say the effects of that were amazing. I fell asleep way quicker than before, and slept awesomely. I had super cool, interesting, and realistic dreams, and slept for eleven hours. It was great.
Yatchan had to rouse me around 9 so that we had time to get a quick breakfast, then go to the school. Today was the day of the festival, but unfortunately Yatchan and Atsushi had to miss part of it for Atsushi’s mebae. They biked over to Jusco, and Ayana and I walked to school. We walked around outside at the festival for a while, playing games (strikeout, magic hand, a race), and sampling food (Onigiri, donuts, and candy Ayana had won). We were trying to use up all of the tickets Catherine had bought, so it was a bit rushed, and some of the lineups were soooo long at we just couldn’t do them, but it was fun. I thought it was a real success on part of the organizers! Yatchan commented later that it didn’t really feel like a festival. And I sort of thought it was more of a carnival, but there had been some musical performances, and an incredible juggling show earlier in the morning while he was gone. There was a lot of food, games, little shops, and even a bazaar.
Catherine was working at a game where the competitors had to wear a pedometer and run in the spot. There were three other kids, and whoever went the fastest (had the most steps) was the winner. But everyone else got prizes too. Well, Ayana won her group, and when we went to get her prize we were able to check in with Catherine.
Yatchan and Atsushi joined us around twelve, and we got frankfurts and sat down. The line for the frankfurts was super long, but there was some sort of misunderstanding and it actually went really fast. While Yatchan was getting the frankfurts, Ayana, Atsushi, and I were standing in an INSANELY long line. It was out of the doors of the school, and the event was somewhere in the middle. I don’t even know how many people were in it. After moving only a few feet in 15-20 minutes, we gave up and just ate our food with Yatchan. After we finished the festival was pretty much finished, and we went home. Only just to drop off our bags though, then we went to Rodgers. It took a little while, so when we actually got home I was pretty tired from standing so much. So I lay down for a couple hours.
After my rest I blogged, then wrote most of the day’s journal. Then we had supper. It was a bit strange, but it was great. We started out with potato chips, guacamole, and salsa, as well as this amazing smoked cheese. I also did a bit of research on Japanese castles. The next course was several different types of meat that Yatchan cooked up, which were then dipped in a special sauce and eaten. Sometimes we wrapped the meat in lettuce leaves, and sometimes we just ate each part separately. It was amazingly delicious. As we ate and visited, everyone was having a good time, and joking around with the kids. It was a really good day.
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