Japan 2014 post 37

November seventh
Today was back into the normal routine, up at six thirty. I had went to bed fairly early, although not as early as I had planned since I started reading an interesting article on solitary confinement. Oops! But anyways, it was up early, and into the shower, which woke me up a bit. For breakfast I got myself a mikkan and cut up an apple. Catherine toasted some dried fruit filled English muffins to eat too. Catherine also gave me some spicy jam to try from a farmers market. It was very interesting, at first it just tasted like normal, semi sweet jam, but slowly heat filled your mouth. I really liked it.
On our way home from taking Ayana to the tennis courts, Catherine and I chatted with one of the moms. The same mom I had spoken to a few weeks ago before leaving to Reiko’s. Unfortunately she didn’t know I’d been away, and thought I was avoiding her. She asked Catherine about it, who was able to assure her that wasn’t the case. And that in fact I had come back glowing because I’d had a conversation with someone.
When we got home I got in touch with my family through skype. It was November 6th in Canada, so I was able to wish dad a happy birthday. After visiting everyone for a few minutes, they had to go for a birthday meal at Betty’s. I would’ve loved to been there, and not only for the excellent sounding food that mom and Betty had made.
I got most of my blogging done, then Morgan and I face timed for 45 minutes or so. We had a really good visit. When he had to go for supper too, I finished up my blogging, and went to Rodgers. Yatchan had just asked me to pick something up for him, so it was a very quick trip.
When I got home I worked on my story for a bit before lunch. Catherine and I had a couple mochi’s each, pita bread sandwiches with meat and homemade salad dressing inside, and I had some spare meat, and pumpkin on the side. It was a great lunch, and afterwards I went back upstairs and lay down. I split the hour between writing and playing video games, then came back downstairs to do architecture. I’m still working on my house designs, but today I worked on a “just for fun” design instead. When the time came, I met Ayana on her way home from school and we came home together. She had a short break at home, then we dropped her off at Pencilia on our way to the Shukaijo. Catherine had a couple of lessons, so I mostly just hung out. But I was able to do a bit more work on my story. Catherine had her first real lesson of a brand new class today. Everyone from the trial lesson had signed up, so Catherine was really pleased. We both thought the lesson(s) went well.
After she finished, we had to rush to the school to pick up Ayana. When we got home I made a spinach, lettuce, cucumber, sweet potato, and carrot salad, which we put more of Catherine’s homemade salad dressing on. The sweet potato was from the sweet potato truck that drives around sometimes. It’s sort of like an ice cream truck, but sells sweet potatoes! Catherine made a great miso soup, fish, and rice. The fish was mid sized, maybe five inches long, and you ate everything, it had already been gutted, and the bones were soft enough to eat. I really liked it.
Tomorrow we’re going to the festival that Catherine was been working her butt off on during PTA. I’m excited to see what it’s like!


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