Japan 2014 post 35

Today was a great day. I slept in quite a while, which was good because I needed the sleep! Today was my Japanese-all-day-day. Meaning that from the time I got out of bed, to when I went back in, I was only speaking and listening to Japanese. Of course there was the occasional English song that played in public, or a minor word slip. And I had writing to do in English, but it was pretty much Japanese immersion.
Once I got out of bed I did my devotional, then went downstairs. Reiko was taking advantage of the ability to sleep in, so I prepared myself a wholesome breakfast of granola, and a banana. I was also able to do the blog posting for the day. When Reiko came upstairs the two of us studied together for a while. It was sort of tricky for her to explain a word I didn’t understand, or the use of a certain particle or word form when she had to do so in Japanese. Thankfully there wasn’t too much new stuff, so I think I at least sort of got it. And if not then I can ask Catherine when I reread the journal tomorrow. Since today was a pretty low-key day I did my workout, and some architecture in the morning, then spent a good chunk of the day playing wii. I played a bit alone, but it’s much more fun with two people. Reiko and I played tennis and baseball in the morning, then stopped for a lunch break. We had remnants of last nights curry and rice, and I tried Nattō. Nattō is a famous/infamous dish in Japan; some people love it, and some people hate it. I think it’s mostly foreigners who don’t like it though. People have been asking me if Ive tried it almost since I first got to Japan, so today I did. Anyways, the dish is made up of beans, and raw egg which you stir well then pour over rice. It had a very weird texture, but it didn’t taste too bad. Reiko was a bit surprised that I was ok with it.
During the afternoon Reiko and I played some more wii, then did a few push-ups and crunches together. We had to get groceries, so we jumped in the car and went to Jusco to shop. We bought a ton of good looking food, including mikkan yogurt, banana-milk straws, orange flavoured coke, salt and litchi, chicken, vegetables, cheese, and chocolate treats. We made sure to sample some of those when we got home. I worked a bit on my house design, then went upstairs.
When I came downstairs from a mid afternoon “nap” (I say “nap” because I didn’t sleep at all) Reiko had started working on supper. She and I played wii when she had finished what she could at that time, and Momoka watched. At one point everyone was having a rest, so I ended up playing baseball by myself. And I don’t mean against the computer, I was the pitcher and the batter at the same time! It was interesting. I worked on my story a bit before supper too. We had delicious Japanese tasting pasta (don’t ask how it was Japanese tasting, it just tasted japanesy), and tempura-like deep fried sweet potatoes. They were sooooo good, much better than most store bought deep fried foods. I tried the orange coke,and it was pretty interesting. It mostly just tasted like coke, but there was definitely an orange aftertaste. For desert Keito and I had strawberry pudding, and Momoka and I had mikkan yogurt. Both were delicious, although I did accidentally drop a spoonful of pudding.

After supper Reiko and I played, wait, can you guess? Wii! Then she switched out and Keito and I faced off. We played basketball, ping pong, sword fighting, golf, airports, and bowling. I even beat their family’s highscore on bowling by using a really funky throwing style! It was fun.

I went back to the table a little while later, and had what I think was shrimp. Although I’m not quite sure because it was the Japanese only day, and I didn’t know the Japanese word for shrimp. Anyways it was tasty, but the crunchy parts were weird to eat. Not the shell, that was removed, but the things on its face….
Anyways, it was such a great day, and The Japanese only went well. It’s not like Reiko and I were having deep philosophical conversations, but I knew enough Japanese to get on. So now I know that I could technically survive a day in a Japanese only speaking environment. I would say that I know much more “survival japanese” and iysatsu’s (greetings and the like) then conversational things, but I can have simple, basic conversations. I have to say, I’m really happy with the way things went, but my head hurts now! As well as being the Japanese immersion day, it was my last too. Tomorrow I’m going back to Catherine’s house. But it’s been a great two weeks with Reiko.
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  1. Posted by ecosophian on November 6, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    A big thank you to Reiko from us, for being such a good host and friend to you!


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