Japan 2014 post 33

November third
This morning the weather was gorgeous. While my friends and family in Canada had snow, I got to be outside in shorts and a t-shirt!
Everyone slept late this morning, but when I got up I had a waffle, some granola, and a slice of gourmet apple pie for breakfast. Or maybe it was more like brunch… I did my devotional, workout, and journaling, then all of Reiko’s family, her sister and her kids, and Etsuko’s son, and I hopped in our cars and went to Dōman park. We set up camp in a nice grassy area. Just a little ways away from us, there was what looked to be a big scout meeting, maybe they had camped overnight, because there were tents and stuff. I took advantage of the grass and spent a good part of the afternoon training. But I was also able to play some volleyball with Reiko, and the two older boys, and some badminton with Reiko. The volleyball was especially fun because I could dive and throw myself around without getting hurt, though I did get super dirty. Also we weren’t playing by perfect rules (we didn’t even have a net), so it was really casual and funny. We picnicked for lunch, and very one had chosen their own food earlier. I had ham and cheese sandwiches with a bottle of Pocari Sweat. I figured it was proper picnicking food. And I like sandwiches.
During the course of the afternoon, Reiko and I got a ton of little clips, so when we got home I lay down and started editing. It didn’t take too lol but I think we made a pretty good video. It’s on youtube now (you can find it with this link http://youtu.be/Ds0OcJJP9o0 or by searching Christopher Sanford Beck on youtube), so you can watch it if you’d like! I’m hoping to produce a couple more videos in the next few days, so keep your eyes open.
Tonight was probably the last night that everyone would be home for supper, so we all sat around the table together. We had an electric griddle in the middle of the table, and Hideo fried up some amazing food. We had Okonomiyaki, and Yakisoba. Then on the side, raw tuna and sauce. That was actually pretty tasty! I also tried boiled oyster. None of the other kids like it, but I thought it was good. Although I could feel that if I ate more than one or two I would regret it later….
After supper, the three of us (Keito and Momoka were playing video games) hung out at the table as I wrote. They showed me how to balance popcorn on my fingertips, then smack my wrist and catapult it into my mouth. They were really good at it! They said that some people can even do it with sushi. Once I finished writing everyone gathered in the living room, and we played a game of monopoly. We were all fooling around and being silly, but we were playing by the rules, so it was awesome. Hideo kept giving us corn chips instead of money, or using them as houses. Everyone had a great time. At the end of the game we didn’t really even bother counting our money, we knew Momoka had won. She had something like 5 hotels (on low value properties, but still) and over 700 dollars at hand. We all threw our money in the air and laughed. Then Hideo acted out having a monopoly nightmare. It was hilarious.
What a great family, and a great day.
image image image


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