Japan 2014 post 31

November first
I finally fell asleep at twelve last night, and woke up half an hour too early at 7:30. That said, it was a cloudy day, so I was able to sleep in even that much. I FaceTime Morgan for a while, and we were able to have a good talk. When he had to go I got up and tidied my room. Then I went downstairs and quickly wrote yesterday’s journal. Then I had a shower. For breakfast I ate a bowl of granola, then Reiko, Hideo, and I walked to Momoka’s school for her Ongakukai, or music festival. I was astounded by the performances of everyone, it was like listening to a professional symphony, or choir. Wow! Everyone seemed to be on the same page (music pun intended), and it was beautiful. There was percussion, piano, accordion, pianica, and vocals (for a few of the songs). I was really impressed. When the performances finished, it was raining super hard outside, and we hadn’t brought umbrellas! So we waited it out in the school by looking around the classrooms. I felt like a but of a doofus in the indoor-slippers I had to wear, but other than that it was fun.
When the rain let up a bit, the three of us (Momoka still had regular school) sprinted home, then had warm, deep-fried mochi for lunch. It was really good. Once I finished, I typed up today’s blog post, then did my exercises. Everyone else was sleeping, so I also wrote and edited my story, and worked on my house design. When Reiko came upstairs we talked for a while as I worked on my designs, then watched some figure skating on TV. We snacked on Halloween candy, and she gave me some sort of Japanese snack to try (maybe it was called Chiku?). They’re a centreless fish stick or sorts, and supposedly good luck food!
We went out for supper at a Korean place tonight. The whole family came, as well as Reiko’s friend Etsuko and her son. We all sat on a cool platform on cushions, but there was a pit under the table to put your feet in. I think it’s a more or less traditional way of Japanese seating. We had a variety or Korean foods, including chijimi, samugyopusaru, isshiyaki, Korean popcorn, some sort of fortune cookie like treat, and ice cream. I think the names are Japanese (though I may be wrong). But basically we had some sort of Korean pizza with seafood in it, and a cool dish where you wrapped pork, onions, garlic, green chilli peppers, and a variety of other small dishes in either a piece of lettuce or another Korean vegetable that tasted like mint. It sort of looked like huge mint leaves. It was all amazing, although after eating a plain chilli pepper my mouth burned for ten minutes. But it was a super meal. The owner of the shop even gave us the ice cream free, since I had come from Canada! Reiko thinks it’s because she came to Japan by herself too, so she knows what it’s like to be living in a foreign country. It was a really good restaurant, and really great food, but I also noticed that it was the second restaurant I’de been in that you could smoke in!
The other kids and I walked home alone, luckily with umbrellas since it was raining pretty hard. Then we all played video games together. We played MarioCart, then switched to Wii sports. It was really fun. When the adults came home they had bought juice and pop for us, as well as nori, and sweet sambe. Party time! We played until about 10:45, then Etsuko had to leave. Now I’m just writing this before bed at 11:22. Tomorrow is my day with Shigedi, so I should be well rested! As I’m writing, I’m also hanging out with Reiko and Hideo, and he’s telling me that before I came, him and Reiko were sleeping upstairs in my room. So he can commiserate with me about the window letting in too much morning light and waking him up. I think he was a bit drunk, but we had a blast together, putting nori over our teeth and fooling around as Reiko laughed, and told us to stop. It was fun, and I’m glad I’m living in such a welcoming and fun place!
Goodnight, Christopher.
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