Japan 2014 post 30

October thirty first
Happy Halloween!
I had a good sleep from 11:30-6:45. It wasn’t as long as I’d hope it would be, but there’s not much I can do about it now that I’m awake. So instead I tidied up my room, then went downstairs for a quick breakfast. I had a bowl of yogurt, and some sort of sweet potato cake roll. Then Reiko and I headed off to tennis. It was pretty chilly out, but once we started playing I was warm. There were about seven of us today, so we took turns playing. I got to play with, and against lots of different people. It was fun! I was pretty rusty at first since it had been a couple of weeks since I last played, but after an hour or so I was back to normal. I have concluded that wii tennis is much easier though. (big surprise). About 3/4 of the way in, one of the member’s fourteen year old sons joined us. He plays tennis in the after school clued, so he was really good. His hits were super strong, but sometimes they were too strong and went way out. I was able to play on his team for a while, so that was fun. I also played a couple games against him, but he never hit his power hits directly at me. Though I did receive a couple really strong ones.
After our four hours of tennis, most of us went to Bronco Billy’s together for lunch. I had pretty much the same thing I had last time, except with cheese on top. It was amazing. The whole day was great, and I’m so glad I was able to join in.
When we got home, Reiko and I watched a couple parkour videos together. She really likes them too. Then I did a few quick push-ups and crunches, and showered. The sun hadn’t been too bright for most of the morning’s games, but it had still either slightly burned myself, or gotten a good tan. Reiko and I watched a couple more videos after she had a nap, then she dropped me off at the Shukaijo. I was wearing my new shoes, and I have to say they feel great. Catherine finished up the class she was teaching, then we picked Ayana up from Pencilia. We all drove to Musashi Uruwa together, where Catherine was picking up one of her friends. Then we met Yatchan, and went trick or treating with him and several other friends. It wasn’t exactly trick or treating, bad we were only going to four or five prewarned and prepared houses. But it was still fun! I didn’t have much of a costume, just a scary mask and my clothes, but the other kids were super cute. We walked around together for fifteen or twenty minutes, saying trick or treat, and receiving some awesome candy, then everyone went their separate ways. Catherine dropped the kids and her friend off at home with Yatchan, then tomo me back to Reiko’s.
We had an amazing supper of fish, rice, miso soup, and a garden salad with thin sliced raw meat on top. It was a very good meal, but even though it was Halloween, it didn’t really feel like it. There were none of the smells, or the same types of decorations, or the huge piles of candy. We did have candy, but it wasn’t the Halloween candy I’m familiar with. There were no rockets, or mars bars, or Lays chips. That said, it was still enjoyable, just different.
After supper Kideo, Reiko, and I watched a bunch of parkour videos together, including some of mine. Then Hideo and I watched a Japanese TV show that’s very similar to American Ninja Warrior. It was fun to watch with him, and we had a good chat in Japanese. I had used a fair bit of Japanese today at tennis too, although two of Catherine’s students were there, and they tried to use English. I have to say that Catherine’s lessons are paying off! But since I had used a lot of Japanese with others, I was exhausted. Luckily tomorrow I can sleep in a bit. Good night, and Happy Halloween!
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