Japan 2014 post 29

October thirtieth
Last night I went to bed at eleven, but I couldn’t get to sleep for another hour because I couldn’t stop thinking about parkour! It’s fun to think about, but it just hypes me up, and then I can’t sleep. I want to go outside and throw down!
I woke up around six thirty when the sunlight penetrated the shoji screens blocking my window. I checked my social media, then got a bowl of granola and milk, and an enormous (I’m talking HUGE) apple. Straight afterwards I stretched (SO many pops and cracks!), then went to the park, where I trained for about an hour. In the park there a these six big rocks in the midst of a grassy park. Perfect for flips! I also trained some vaults, strides, precisions, and a tiny bit of bar work. After an hour I was pretty tired, and my body hurt. I’m afraid that I’ve been limping most of the day because my knee hurts. Despite stretching lots. But I plan to take a bit of a break for the next three days, so that I can be fresh when we go to the grassy park to train.
When I got home I jumped in the shower, then Reiko and I studied for twenty minutes. She wrote a journal of yesterday, and I listened and read over her shoulder as she did so, pausing her when I didn’t understand something. Thankfully, there wasn’t too much that I didn’t understand. Then I read aloud what she wrote, and what she wrote last time before she drove me to Catherine’s house to meet Hoshino San. Since I had about an hour to burn, I did my devotional, then watched…. Wait. Can you guess?
Hoshino San came over around 10:50, and the two of us biked together to tai chi. On the way he asked me several questions in Japanese, and I was able to respond. He even complemented me on it! But when we got to the community centre, we saw that the rest of the group was just leaving. It turned out that the lesson had been from 9-11 today, instead of 11-1. I felt bad for Hoshino San, because he seemed embarrassed. But we’ll go again next week. When we got home, he gave me a bottle of Pocari Sweat, and a bag of cookies that had been meant for the class. So I had two hours joke alone, since Catherine was at a PTA meeting, I worked out, wrote the blog posting, indulged in some more parkour videos, and practiced handstands out front. When Catherine got back, she was exhausted from five hours of PTA, so we just hit McDonalds for lunch. After that we picked Ayana up from school. Since her teacher seems to like keeping her class back an extra half an hour or so (and no, it’s not a punishment), Catherine and I had a good chat about parkour and freerunning while Atsushi had a bit of a nap. When Ayana was finally released, we went home. She only had a few minutes there though, because she had to go to piano lessons. So I had a bit of a nap with Atsushi, although how much napping there was is debatable. When we gave that up, I went on my iPad, and a notification popped up. It read something like “thejasonpaul has tagged you in a comment”. Now, for those of you who don’t know him (everyone I assume), he’s one of the best freerunners in the world, and a major innovator and promoter. He was one of the first! And he replied to me when I commented on his photo! I literally fell down onto the floor, a huge smile plastered on my face. Now, it wasn’t anything too amazing he had said, but just the fact that he took the time to answer my question is awesome. I just complimented his video, and asked if they were planning to restock any of their clothing (his freerunning team makes clothing). And he replied, saying that they weren’t planning any restocks, but that they would be coming out with some new stuff before Christmas, he even used a smily face! Wow. I mean, this guy (his whole team in fact) is one of my inspiration. That pretty much made my day.
Anyways! When Ayana finished piano she had good news, she had passed the piece of music she’d been working on. Then we all went to Jusco. I’m afraid that my shoes are pretty much dead. The right one’s side has come unstiched and I can see my foot! So I bought a new pair. They’re pretty nice!
We had some Udon at the food court, since Atsushi was starving, then after a bit more shopping Cat dropped me back off at Reiko’s. When I got there, I was pretty tired, so I lay down for half an hour before supper. Reiko had made delicious Udon and mushrooms, tempura carrots, and tempura sweet potatoes. Oishii! Then Keito and I played baseball on the wii. I won one and tied one, then we switched to tennis. Reiko has two tennis games, and we played both. That was fun.
I had some frozen, jelly, fruit things for desert, and now I’m writing this! Tennis early tomorrow, so goodnight!


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