Japan 2014 post 28

October twenty ninth
This morning from 4:30 until 7, I kept waking up/dozing on and off. At seven I decided I would get up. I tidied my room a bit, did my devotional, and stretched. One of my devotional so has ended now, which is too bad because it was really good.
We had last night’s curry and rice for breakfast, and it was great. After I finished eating, I was able to talk to Morgan for an hour or so. We talked mostly about parkour and freerunning, and I can’t wait to get together with him to jam. After our conversation, I wrote yesterday’s journal, then Reiko and I filled out a form (well, it’s sort of a form) from Yuta’s school. Just a few things the principal wants to know about me. I had to do it in Japanese, so Reiko wrote it out for me on a separate piece of paper, then I copied it down. It was a team effort.
After we finished I went to the park for an hour, but yesterday’s activities had taken their toll on me, and I was too stiff and sore to do much, despite my stretching. Plus there were a bunch of senior there playing croquet, and I wasn’t sure how they’d react.
Around eleven Reiko picked me up in the car, and the two of us met Machiko, and her nephew for lunch. He’s 16, and he was very kind to me. It seems that everyone related to Machiko is great. The four of us ate lunch at a Yaku Niku place. Though small, it was very popular, and we had to wait almost an hour before we could sit down. It was the type of restaurant where they give you your meat raw, and you cook it yourself on a grill in the centre of the table. It was pretty cool! I had some rice, some sort of spicy Korean dish, a bit of pasta, a few vegetables, some fruit, and lean beef. Yum yum yum! I had iced tea to drink, which is sort of growing on me. It’s not pop iced tea, but just actual iced-black tea. And they give you some (probably corn) syrup, and milk to put in. It’s pretty good. For desert I had strawberry ice cream. The whole meal was amazing. I was able to use a fair bit of Japanese, and Machiko tried her best with English. She may not know all that much, but she really tried hard! I think living with Reiko is having an impact on my Japanese, even though we haven’t done a full Japanese immersion day yet, which I want to.
When we got home, Reiko and I were both tired and full, so she went for a nap, and I lay down to watch last year’s Art of Motion freerunning event for an hour. Am I obsessed? Maybe a little….
The rest of the afternoon passed fairly uneventfully. I worked on my story or ten minutes or so, played a game on my iPad, and watched some more videos. It was a bit of rest day. I didn’t go back to the park, but I did go to the front driveway and practice cartwheels, handstands, and different variations. I also did that days blogging.
For supper we had cabbage, Nabe, and some amazingly delicious chicken and potatoes. I’m not sure what it was about them, but they were superb. I kept snacking on them all evening while Keito, Reiko, and I played wii. I did fairly well at tennis and baseball, but bowling didn’t go as well as it should’ve. Apart from sports, Keito and I also played some sort of Japanese medieval minion fighting game. I didn’t quite understand what I was supposed to be doing…. But it was still fun.
Reiko gave me a couple strawberry mochis for desert, which I ate while writing this. A few minutes ago, I warned to check something in the story I’m writing, but when I opened my word processor, it said I had no files. NO FILES?! I almost cried. Instead I restarted my iPad, and tried again. Nothing. Now I was getting a bit desperate. I hit a few buttons to try to see if they had been moved or something, but it didn’t seem so. Then I opened the app a different way (through the App Store), and low and behold, everything was as should be. I have no idea how or why that all happened, but I’m just glad everything is safe. Especially the story I’m working on now, because it’s really important and special. But I also have several completed but unpublished stories, and tons in the works. Including one that is almost as 34 500 words. Thank goodness they’re all safe!
Well, tomorrow I’ve got tai chi to look forward too, so goodnight!
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