Japan 2014 post 26

October twenty seventh
Happy birthday Robin! Of course, it was actually still only the twenty sixth for him when I woke up at 7:15, but oh well.
When I got up I tidied up my room a bit, then went downstairs to write. I was the first one out of bed, and I think I surprised Reiko when she came upstairs! Once I finished my writing I jumped in the shower. Momoka and Machiko’s son were already awake, but Keito was still asleep, and Hideo was already gone off to work. When I got out of the shower, we all had our own breakfasts at the table. I had a bowl of granola and milk, and a bowl of beef stew. Both of them were delicious, but I didn’t try mixing them together.
After breakfast I did a shortened workout, and my devotional, then Reiko, Keito, and I left home. Since Keito had been at school over the weekend, he got the day off today. So the three of us went to Tokyo Dome City. An amusement park beside the Tokyo Dome. It took an hour and ten minutes in the car, but I think it was well worth the wait! I didn’t take my iPad, so I can’t show you any picture yet. But Reiko had her camera, so I will eventually.
We started the day off with a small ride, the Super Viking SORABUNE, I have no idea what that’s all about, but the ride was fun. It’s one of those boats that swings like a clock chime. Tick tock. Tick tock. This one went almost vertical, and made my stomach feel like it was dropping!
Next was the Wonder Drop. We went up, up, up in a little boat, then down thirteen metres on a rollercoasteresque ride. Very much like the Shoot the Chutes at Callaway Park in Calgary. I sat in in the middle of the boat, but I got more wet than Keito, who was right in front! Not too wet tough, and it was sort of refreshing on a warm day.
The next ride was some sort of shooting game. We were in moving cars, and had to hit different targets as they lit up. Sort of like laser tag. The line up for the attraction was pretty long, so as we waited we decided that should he loose, Keito would have to come on the roller coaster with us. So at the end of the game we looked at our scores, and I had won! Followed by Reiko, and then Keito. So onto the roller coaster we went. I’ve only been on maybe two or three roller coasters, but this one was definitely the biggest! It’s 3 500 feet long, 260 feet tall, has a 217 foot drop, and hits speeds of up to 130 km/h. There are no loops, it’s max vertical is 80°, hits G-Force of 4.4, and passes through a hole in a nearby building, and the centre of the Ferris wheel, which is the first hubless Ferris wheel. It was awesome. I’ll admit it, it was super scary, but I loved it! It was thrilling, and gut wrenching, and made my head feel weird (probably those 4.4 Gs). It was so much fun. They take pictures during the ride, and Reiko and I laughed so much when we saw them. You could barely see Keito, just his back since he’s curled up and not looking. Reiko has her arms in the air, and a huge smile plastered on her face. And my hands are clenching the bars at my waist, and my face is completely serious. I’m not screaming, or laughing, or even smiling, I’m just serious. It was hilarious.
As a celebration of riding the Thunder Dolphin (as the roller coaster was called), and because we were hungry for lunch, we ordered some crepes (which are apparently very popular in Japan). It was amazing to watch the person making them, and you could tell that she probably did it hundreds of times a day, she was so good. She made the actual crepe right in front of of our face, and then quickly yet carefully put the topping on it, rolled it up, put it in paper, and gave it to us. The whole process took maybe five minutes for all three of ours. I got the one packed with chocolate and almonds, Keito got a fruit one, and Reiko had the salad crepe. I think we all thoroughly enjoyed them, and I would’ve liked to have tried Reiko and Keito’s too! I had vanilla milk with tapioca, which was unsurprisingly delicious. When we finished our crepes, Keito and I both got big hotdogs from a nearby vendor. They were delicious too.
After lunch we went on the Big O, the Ferris wheel. The views of Tokyo were amazing since we were over 200 feet in the air (the wheel has a diameter of 200 feet). We even saw Tokyo Skytree in the distance.
Next Keito and I played a game where we had to hit buttons around a room as they lit up. I think it was more meant for little kids, but we had fun anyways. And I won! Although not by much at all. Then we moved onto the Sky Flower. It’s similar to the Mega Drop, but not as scary because you don’t drop nearly as fast. That said it was fast enough to give you a jolt, and you were only in a half cage that went up to your chest, supported by three cables. So it was a bit freaky at first. I enjoyed that ride, although not as much as the Thunder Dolphin.
We went on a 4D attraction next. It was awesome! We had 3D glasses, and were in a car type thing. It moved, and shook, and at one point squirted us with (what I hope was) water! All in accordance to what was happening on the screens. It really felt like we were racing through traffic, or flying, or hitting things. It was super fun.
Then we went on the roller coaster on more time before leaving. I think Keito still wasn’t impressed, but Reiko and I loved it. I found that the scariest parts were the first big ascent, right before we dropped, and the first seconds of the drop. But on the second time round, everything after those first few moments were nothing but exhilarating.
Once the ride finished though, we had to leave, because Momoka has an English lesson we have to take her to. While we were yet the park though, I kept seeing awesome parkour spots, but I refrained from using them. But I couldn’t refrain from jumping and touching he ceiling whenever I could. I’m pretty impressed with how high I can jump! While we were at the park, I was pumped up and had lots of energy, but once we got into the car all of us started yawning. Understandable for Keito, given how late he was up last night.
I wrote my blog post during the forty five minutes if Momoka’s lesson, then published it once we were home. I was able to check in with Catherine, and she gave Reiko some dates for when I have stuff going on. Afterwards we went grocery shopping for stuff to make pasta, sushi, and some o-kashi. Sweets. I got some Oreos.
When we got back home I checked my email and Facebook for a couple minutes, then worked on my story for a bit while Reiko prepared supper. It was delicious, and for desert I had a piece of leftover cake, a caramel almond type candy, and I’ve been snacking on Oreos and sipping ice water as I write this. But tomorrow I’m hoping going to do tons of parkour, so it’s ok.
I had a great day today. I loved the amusement park, especially the roller coaster, and all of the food was great. Here’s to an awesome day!
P.S. The picture of is of the roller coaster passing through the building and Ferris wheel, I just snatched it off the web so you could see what it’s like. It you want to see more of it, you can watch a video of it by searching for “Tokyo Dome City Thunder Dolphin video”.  image image


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ecosophian on October 28, 2014 at 2:31 pm

    Whoa! That sounds amazing! And you didn’t hoof your cookies after all those rides? Sounds like you’re having a blast!


    • It was! And I thankfully did not, although I was thinking of Robin the whole time.
      I’m definitely having a blast, but I miss you guys too, hope everyone is well!


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