Japan 2014 post 24

October twenty fifth
Today I woke up at seven. Since I don’t have to take Ayana to the tennis courts (which I don’t mind doing), I’m able to sleep in a bit. I checked stuff on my iPad for half an hour, then started to organize my room. I was able to find a place for everything, which is nice, because I won’t feel like I’m living out of a backpack. Once everything was organized, I got out my notebook and started writing yesterday’s journal. I don’t like being behind, but I was just too tired to do it last night.
After that I had a quick shower, I always find that I don’t know how other people’s showers work the first time I use them, but Reiko taught me how. I had a good breakfast when I finished. A piece of Texas toast with peanut butter, a pastry with a sausage and come type of thick filling inside, and a banana. Unfortunately my throat was feeling a bit sore, but it got better as the day went on. I did a quick workout afterwards, then Reiko and I headed off to Kompao. It was the same place as Wednesday, but a different team. Reiko told me they were more serious players than the other team. Reiko reminded me off all the positions, and we practiced them all a bit. Then I was introduced to everyone as we stretched. Once we were good and stretched out, everyone stood in a circle, and we hit the ball back and forth. After about forty five minutes of practice, we spilt into teams. It was harder than the other day, and not as much laughter, but there was a lot of camaraderie and high fives. I feel like I played better than last time, although I still made lots of mistakes.
There are two men on the team, and when they’re on the same team they’re almost sure to win. Both of them (well everyone really) are great players. Their spikes were so powerful! But I did manage to block them once or twice, and it was nice when we were on the same team too. It was sort of interesting, because almost everyone on the team had children, and since it was a Saturday, some of them had come. So occasionally a mom would have to leave for a while to help or console their kid. One of the players was my friend Kazuya’s mom (although Kazuya wasn’t there), and she was super nice. She brought Halloween treat for me, Atsushi, and Ayana, and even bought me a coke when I ran out of water.
Though it was more hardcore, and for three hours, I was wishing we could play more when the games finished. I really enjoyed it.
When Reiko and I got home I had a crepe and a banana for lunch, then we had a quick nap. I blogged and watched parkour tutorials, since I can’t sleep during the day. Then we went to the supermarket. We’re having a welcome party tonight, so we have to prepare! We bought lots of food, and when we got home we started cooking. We made a beef stew, a lettuce salad with tomatoes, onions, and avocado, a plate with (raw) salmon, octopus, and avocado, a chicken veggie bake, jellyfish, raw horse (to my slight uncomfort), and a few other odds and ends.
The party was great, and the food was excellent. Reiko convinced me to try a bit of the horse, but I found it didn’t really have any taste, it just sort of slid down. That’ll probably be the last time I do that, it just feels sort of weird… Like eating your dog or something. But everything else was amazing!
Catherine, Ayana, Machiko and her husband and sons, and Reiko’s family were there. I spent most of my time with the adults, but I played some games with the other kids too. I lied being with the adults because they were using a combination of Japanese and English, so it was sort of study time! I was really pleased with how much I understood. Even when they were speaking only Japanese.
It was around one AM when Catherine left, and I didn’t go to sleep until two, but I can sleep in tomorrow, so it’s alright. But I really enjoyed myself today. Everyone was wonderful, and it was a great day.
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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on October 26, 2014 at 9:53 am

    Does anyone sleep in beds there or is the norm sleeping mats on the floor? Very polite of you to try the horsemeat!! I don’t think I would have been able to!! Your bedroom looks SO neat & tidy! Glad you’re having fun.


    • The norm is to sleep on futons on the floor, sometimes the living room doubles as the bed room as well. That said all of Reikos family sleep on beds, although vey thin mattresses.
      And I didn’t know If I would be able to either!


  2. Posted by ecosophian on October 27, 2014 at 3:37 am



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