Japan 2014 post 23

October twenty fourth
Today Catherine, Atsu, and I took Ayana to the tennis courts. It was pretty grey and chilly, but at least it wasn’t raining, as it had been the past few days. For breakfast I had a piece of Catherine’s delicious quiche, a bowl of yogurt and granola, and a mikan. After breakfast I did my devotional, then Catherine, Atsushi, and I left. Yatchan was still at home, so I got to say goodbye to him before that. Ayako came by our house, and the four of us went together to Uruwa, where Maseko met us at a tea house. It was a more traditional Japanese house, and there was a beautiful courtyard in front. Catherine said it was a little piece of paradise within the city. Inside was just as beautiful as out, and we were seated around a large round table. Then we ordered our tea, Maseko and Ayako chose for me. I don’t think it was quite a tea ceremony, but it was beautiful anyways. And the tea was incredible. Very powerful. I had a type of green tea. It smelled sort of like fresh hay, very green. It was bitter, but nice. It definitely tasted green. Since it was a bitter tea, I also had a type of sweet. It had bean filling inside, and when you first put it into your mouth it wasn’t very sweet. But then slowly your mouth would fill with sweetness. It was really good. Everyone tried each other’s tea, and I think everyone’s were very good.
As we drank, we had Maseko and Ayako’s English lesson. Both are very good at English, so really it was just a conversation. When we finished, all of us went upstairs to check it out. It was traditional Japanese architecture as well, with low beams, tatami floors, daub and wattle walls, and a dividing shoji screen. It was very cool!
When we got home, I had another piece of quiche for lunch, then set off by myself to find a new park. at heroine had showed me on google maps how to get there, and it was simple, so I was fairly confident. Even so, Catherine leant me her phone in case I needed it. I found the park fine, and was impressed! There are several parts to it, but it’s almost all grass, and there tons of big grassy places. Perfect for practicing flips. I had a great time training, and when I got tired I just walked around exploring the park a bit. It was very beautiful, and I would love to go there again. It’s actually the same park that Yatchan took the kids and I to last time so we could see Mount Fuji. I saw nine wild cats in the park, but they all looked healthy and well fed. They were really cute. When I asked Reiko about it later, she said that lots of people feed them.
I went home from the park a different way than I came, but I didn’t get lost at all, it was just a nice walk. When I got home I lay down for a little while, and practiced Japanese. Then I quickly packed my backpack, and did a workout. I’ve never seen my backpack so full, or felt it so heavy! I had packed pretty much two weeks worth of supplies for my stay at Reiko’s into my little red bag. Catherine and Atsushi picked Ayana up from school while I did that, and when they got back they had a quick snack and then we left. Ayana got dropped off at her Pencilia, and the rest of us went to the Shukaijo. Catherine had one lesson to teach, during which I intermittently wrote my story, and played games on my iPad. Once the class was finished we went to pick Ayana up. I was starving since I had only had a piece of quiche for lunch, and then done a bunch of physical activity (my fault). So we picked up a sparkling orange juice to tide me over. It was pretty tasty. Then I said goodbye to Cat and the kids, and they dropped me off at Reiko’s. Reiko had prepared an awesome room for me, and I dropped my bag off upstairs before we had supper. It was just Reiko and I since her husband was at work, and her kids were doing something else, so we had a good conversation during and after the meal. I ate a tempura shrimp, salad, and rice with fried meat and a thick cheesy sauce on top. The rice dish was meant for two people, but Reiko knew I would be hungry. It was all oishii!
When he got home, Reiko and her husband, and I talked for while, then I watched a bit of TV and went to bed. It was a good day, and hopefully another good one tomorrow!
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