Japan 2014 post 20

October twenty first

Today was another day of writing. After I took Ayana to the tennis courts, I wrote until breakfast. Once I finished my porridge I took a short break to do my exercises and devotional, then it was back to the notebook. Or rather the iPad. I wrote almost nonstop all morning, but I lay down for a while after lunch. We had last nights leftovers of roast, rice, and Gyoza. It was just as delicious as it was a day ago. I finished my writing around 2:50, but didn’t actually publish what I wrote until around 3:45. I went to meet Ayana at the “gorilla” (our afternoon meeting place is by a statue of a gorilla), but apparently her teacher didn’t stop talking when the bell rang, and her student weren’t dismissed for another half an hour. Thus almost an hour of my time wasted. Not only is this annoying, but also dangerous because you don’t know if your kid is still in school, or if something’s happened to them. If the teacher gave prior notice it would be alright… Anyways, I was glad to have gotten caught up with my blogging. There was even more work do to then yesterday, but I finished it. I even finished with enough time to do an hour of parkour! It was still very grey and humid, but I enjoyed just getting outside and training.
When I got back inside I was shot, so I did a bit of light stretching and collapsed onto my bed. Then I spent a couple hours just watching videos on my iPad, taking advantage of the unlimited internet. I tried to do some writing on my fiction piece, but it just wasn’t flowing. I guess I must’ve been written out. After that I switched to architecture for a while. I’m trying to decide between stoves for my house right now. I’m stuck between a smaller, inexpensive stove, and a larger, more expensive one. The small one has only one burner, and no oven, so that would be an inconvenience while cooking. I could use a stovetop oven, but I wouldn’t be able to cook while baking…But I would have more counter space. On the other hand, the larger stove does have a small oven, and at least two burners. But it takes up twice the space as the small one… Decisions decisions.
Catherine prepared us an amazing supper tonight. I had a piece of garlic toasts, cinnamon toast, a soup with tofu, chicken, burdock root, Napa cabbage, carrots, bean sprouts, leeks, mushrooms, kabu, konyaku noodles, and mochi. We also had a potato salad, and mochi by itself. Delicious!
What a good day, albeit full.
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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on October 23, 2014 at 6:47 am

    Sounds like you have pretty much entrenched yourself into the Japanese culture! Am glad that you have the opportunity to expand your vocal use of the language. It will serve you well. peace


    • I’m not sure if I’ve entrenched myself, but I think I have been emmersed in it! I’m glad I have the chance to expand my vocabulary as well!


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