Japan 2014 post 16

October seventeenth
This morning I had porridge, and a honey sandwich before I took Ayana to the meeting spot. It was pretty chilly outside, so when I got home I packed a sweater for my tennis game. Reiko picked me up just before nine and we drove to the tennis courts. Reiko was amazed to hear that there were free tennis courts in Canada.
We met Reiko’s friends Machiko (I think that was her name) and the three of us practiced together for a while. I haven’t played tennis for a long time, so I was pretty rusty. But we hit the ball back and forth to each other for a while, and I started to improve. Then we started actually playing. First it was Machiko and I vs Reiko, then we switched up and Reko and I versed Machiko. It was so much fun, and I could feel myself improving. After playing for a couple hours or so I was actually making some pretty good plays and scored some points! I really was really having a blast.
About halfway through we were joined by another man, one of Reiko’s friends. He’s an amazing tennis player, and Reiko said that he sort of coaches them and help them out. The four of us practiced together for a while, then split into teams. I was with the man. I think I was better at being close to the net and jumping for balls than doing the farther, more accurate hits. The man was great at everything, but he mostly stayed in the back, and he was almost always there to hit the ball when I missed. Although occasionally we both missed it, thinking the other person would get it. I like doing the hit where the ball doesn’t bounce between shots. It was a blast. We played for four hours in total! I’ve never played with more than two people before, myself and my friend Morgan, so having proper teams was epic. I have to say, I think the other guy and I made a pretty sweet team.
I sure didn’t have to take my sweater though, it was hot and sunny. I was glad that Reiko leant me some tennis shorts, and I liked the huge pockets. Despite the sunscreen, I burnt the back of my neck a bit, but it doesn’t hurt.
After we finished playing, Reiko and I went out for lunch at a steak house. We had beef, and the salad bar. The salad bar was ok, but the beef was incredible. The flavour and texture were right on point. It was cooked almost right in front of you on a mesh screen over hot coals. They had a live tv rolling so that you could watch the cooks working on it if you were sitting far away from the grill too. It was a thick roll of meat, and when they brought it to you, the inside wasn’t cooked very much. That’s where the cool cast iron plate came in. It was heated, and when they brought the food they cut the beef down the centre and flipped it so the insides were touching the plate. It worked like a frying pan, and was cooked through in no time. For dessert we made coffee flavoured jello, with sweet cream on top. I’ve never had anything like it before, except maybe an icecap, but it was really tasty.
When we got back home, I thanked Reiko, but forget to give her the shorts! Oh well, I’ll get them back to her later. I had another quick shower, and worked out before Catherine, Atsushi, and I went to the Shukaijo for a trail lesson. Catherine is seeing if she should offer another class. I blogged along the way, and worked on my story a bit at the Shukaijo. I also watched the lesson, and Catherine and I both thought it went well.
Catherine had ordered pizza earlier, and after we picked up Ayana from Pencilia we got the food. It was a deluxe pizza, with sausages in the crust, and it was pretty awesome. Unfortunately the order hadn’t quite worked, and we only got one pizza. So I made a salad, and Catherine toasted cheese bagels as supplements. The salad had lettuce, baby greens, spinach, tomato, cucumber, carrot, egg, and salad spice. The whole supper was great.
Yatchan’s father came over on his way somewhere from Hiroshima for a visit. He seems like an interesting guy. But it’s an early morning for the three of us, Yat, his dad, and I, so goodnight!
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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ecosophian on October 20, 2014 at 4:37 am

    I’m hoping that your delicious BEER is a typo!


  2. Posted by jacquee on October 20, 2014 at 7:07 pm

    Didn’t realize they cooked BEER in Japan (chuckle chuckle)! Glad you’re having an awesome time.


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