Japan 2014 post 14

October fifteenth
For breakfast, Catherine made me her delicious oatmeal with berries, flax, and coconut. A good start to the day. After breakfast I took Ayana to meet her walking group. It was a bit chilly out, but strangely some of the kids were in shorts. A lot of people had umbrellas too, and it was pretty overcast. When I got back home, we had to rush to the kindergarten to pick up Atsushi’s application form. There was a thirty minute period, from 8-8:30, where we had to pick up the forms or else Atsushi couldn’t go to that kindergarten. We picked them up without a problem, with many ohaiyo gozaimasu’s (good morning). When we got home, I did architecture for a while. I had asked Johnny to email me pictures of the rough plans for my house, that I had forgotten in Canada. Isn’t the internet great? I started copying the plans onto graph paper (my favourite architecture medium) and thinking out details and putting them into the plan. This may not be the final draft, but it’s getting closer. For those of you who don’t know, I’m designing myself a tiny house to start building in the spring of next year. I was inspired by lots of peoples tiny houses and work, but especially Jay Shafer. He has a really good book out, and I think it’s just called Small Houses if you wanted to look for it at the library… Funding my building might be a challenge, but I’ll be able to do it somehow.
So I worked on the plans for a while, then typed up my blog post. While I was finishing that up, Ayako came over to babysit Atsushi. Catherine had a class to teach at a kindergarten. After I finished the post, I switched to working in my Japanese text book. Since she was over, I was able to pick Ayako’s brain a bit when I had Japanese questions. Among other things, she cleared up some grammar questions, which was very helpful. It started to rain while Ayako was over, but it was pretty light.
When Catherine came home, we had AMAZING tuna and cheese sandwiches, and Onigiri with soybean and Umeboshi inside. The last time I was here, I didn’t like Umeboshi, but I’ve had it in stuff twice since I’ve been here, and I liked it. The same with avocado, and mushrooms. I didn’t really like them before, but now I do! I also bought a new type of drink today. A super sweet, melon pop. It kind of smelled like bubble gum, and tasted really good.
I met Ayana at the gorilla mid afternoon, and once I got home I did a bunch of work on a story that I’m writing. I wrote for a couple hours, then made my salad. Catherine had prepared some lettuce for me, and I also put in tomato, and carrots. Then I sprinkled salad spice on top. We had that along with “non traditional Okonomiyaki”, which translates to as you like it pancake. It had egg, cheese, broccoli, bacon, sausage, and mochi (a style of rice). All of those things were mixed together and fried. Needless to say, it was incredibly delicious.
After supper I hung out with Atsushi in the tatami room. We played with his toy cars and trains, and I was a tow truck. We played together for a while until it was time to write this. While I was writing Catherine suggested that we prepare a little gift for Hoshino San since he’s taking me to tai chi again tomorrow, so I took a little break to do that. We also made up a little bag to be passed around at break time. Since it was the only thing that Catherine had lots of, we were going to give everyone fruit to gos! It’s a bit funny because usually their a kid’s snack, but I’ll just say they’re from Canada. We also put in Canada flag pins. I hope they’ll like it!



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