Japan 2014 post 13

So, last night was the typhoon. I went to bed around 11:30, and couldn’t sleep until after 1:30. The wind was so strong and intense, I could barely believe it. It felt like the roof was going to blow off. There wasn’t much rain here thankfully, because there had been flash flooding and landslides elsewhere because of the typhoon. The neighbours had trapped their bicycles, and the wind blowing the tarp was super loud. Occasionally a gust if wind would hit the house, and I could hear the wood creaking. It felt like what I thought a tornado would be like. Most of the windows had rain screens on them, but one of the ones in my room didn’t, and I would sometimes look outside. The trees were going insane, I’m surprised they didn’t break. But I suppose they didn’t since they were so supple and flexible. But I think hardwood would’ve broken. There weren’t refrigerators or anything like that blowing around, but that’s what it sounded like sometimes. I was really scared, and couldn’t get to sleep, so I just turned on my light and used my iPad, and read for a while. I finally got to sleep, and slept well until my alarm went off at six thirty. I had hardly gotten any sleep, and I was so tired, but I staggered downstairs and had a shower. I numbly ate a few mikans and a banana. I was planning on taking Ayana to the walking group place, but Catherine said I could go back to bed, since she had to find something out from the other parents. Ayana was going to the zoo, so Catherine had to find out details about when to pick her up and the like, although I wonder if part of it had to do with my answer of “orangebanana” when she asked what I had for breakfast. Atsushi was still sleeping, so Catherine asked me to snuggle him if he woke up while she was gone, since he panics when he wakes up alone. So I went back upstairs and collapsed into bed. I woke up when Atsu started crying, and I darted to console him. Catherine came up stairs just after I got into his room, so once she was with him I went back to bed again. I slept really well, before and after Atsushi woke up, and I even dreamt. I got up for the third time at nine thirty, feeling rested and ready to go. I ate a few more mikans and a yogurt for second breakfast. Catherine told me that she up for a lot of the night, including when the typhoon peaked at 3:30. If what I was awake for wasn’t the peak, I’m sure glad I was asleep for it! She said that it was pretty crazy, and that at one point a huge gust of wind hit us, and the whole house swayed. She said that she kept expecting me to come knocking on their door, and that I did well on my own.
We had to go to Jusco to do some shopping and pick up medicine for Atsushi, but after that I wrote until lunch. We had the leftover eggplant dish stuffing, the couscous dish, tomatoes, and cream cheese on bagel biscuits. All great foods made for a great meal. After lunch Atsushi went upstairs for a nap, and I did my exercises in the tatami room. And I uploaded the parkour video that Ayana and I made (you can watch it here https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ue1ahLlNv84). Then I kept writing. Since I was so busy yesterday, I didn’t get to do any writing, so I had to make up for it today. What I do is every night (if I can) I physically write what happened that day, and then type it up the next morning. So everyday I type and publish yesterday’s story, and write that day’s. With most things I don’t really like retyping, but this system seems to work right now.
I took a few breaks from writing during the afternoon, once to walk with Catherine and Ayana to her friends house so that I knew where it was to pick her up. Then Catherine and I filled up Halloween treat bags for her students. We both thought that they looked pretty good, especially since Catherine had brought candy and chocolate from Canada.
At 5:30 I picked up Ayana from her friend’s house. It was ready pretty dark, so she couldn’t walk home alone. When we got home I finished writing, then made my salad. It was spinach, lettuce, arugula, tomato, carrot, cucumber, cheese, and salad spice. And it was pretty good if I do say so myself. Catherine baked fish, and we had that with daikon and a sauce similar to soy sauce. It’s a really oily fish, so the daikon helps balance that out. It was the type of dish that you eat the skin on it, and it was great. The guts had already been removed, but we had to do a lot of de boning. Some of the small bones were edible, but mostly not.
It was a really good day, especially for the wacky night and morning before!
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4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Betty Ternier Daniels on October 15, 2014 at 3:25 am

    I enjoy following your adventures, Christopher. And nice parkour!


  2. Posted by ecosophian on October 15, 2014 at 3:38 am

    Holy Moly!!! I’m glad the house didn’t get blown away! Must admit, we were a bit worried about you over here … glad the storm is over. Now onto other adventures !


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