Japan 2014 post 12

October thirteenth
This morning my alarm went off at six thirty. I groggily pulled on some pants, my eyes barely open, and was halfway down the stairs before I realized that I had set my alarm too early, and I still had an hour to sleep.
When I woke up the second time, I had a shower then are three cinnamon buns, a few mikans, and a banana. I tossed my iPad and some cash into my backpack, and was ready to go. Reiko came around 10, and we set off. Catherine’s family had special pictures today, since tuning seven is a milestone in Japan. I could’ve went, but Catherine said it would probably be a long day. And it was too expensive for me to get any pictures. So instead Reiko, her husband, and I went to the mall to pick up McDonalds. We didn’t go to Jusco since it was really crowded, instead we went to one that I’ve never been to before. We looked around for a little while before picking up the food. I decided to be adventurous and try the black burger that Catherine had a few days ago.
At home Reiko, her husband, her daughter Momoka, and I all sat down to eat. Her son Keito was still in bed, so he ate later. The black burger was different, but actually pretty tasty. Maybe it was the squid ink. After we finished eating, and once Keito got up, he, Momoka, Reiko, and I played Mario cart, while her husband watched. Since I don’t play Mario cart very often, it was kind of hard! But I didn’t do too badly.
Reiko, her husband, and I walked to the DVD rental store a little while later, and rented Life. I’ve never heard of it, but it seems interesting. We didn’t get to finish it because another woman, and her son who was a bit younger than me came over. They brought cake and drinks, and we sat down to talk and eat for a while. The boy didn’t seem to speak much English, or maybe he was just shy, and his mom didn’t say much in English either. But I wondered if she understood some of it, because occasionally I would be saying something in English and she would be nodding like she knew what I was talking about. I told them about my life in Canada and the likes, and they seemed interested. I even showed them the parkour video that Ayana and I made yesterday, which they enjoyed. Reiko had to translate most of what I said, but I still had a pretty good conversation with everyone.
After they left, we watched a bit more of he movie before Catherine and Yatchan came to pick me up. Since the pictures were super fancy, Catherine and Ayana had had their hair and makeup done. It was a bit disconcerting, I could barely recognize them! Since they were all tired we went out for supper. I had salad, a pumpkin soup (it only felt right to be having squash on thanksgiving), and all-you-can-eat pizza. Yes, you read me right, it was awesome. I must’ve eaten two dozen pieces. They were thin crusted, but the servers just kept bringing more and more. There were tons of different types, including curry, seafood, and ham and pineapple. I tried everything that came by. I also tried some yuzu, water, and honey. Which is apparently what Japanese people drink when they have colds. But you don’t have to be sick to enjoy it, Catherine and I love it. Yatchan kept sneaking Atushi sips of his coke, and by the end of the meal Ats had went from being crazy, to staggering around. It was hilarious. At one point, Ayana was making a weird face because her hot chocolate was too hot, and right beside her Atushi was making a weird face because his ice was too cold. You would’ve had to have been there, but it was too funny. Catherine and Yatchan, and I burst into laughter. But it wasn’t all play, Catherine and I practiced writing kanji a little bit too. Ok, it was mostly play. It was a really happy meal, since it’s Atsushi’s first time eating regular pizza since his allergies developed.
When we got home the rain and wind had started. The peak of the typhoon was supposed to be around three o clock, so I hoped I would be asleep for it. Before bed Catherine introduced me to a new video game. It’s called The Room. It’s a super addictive, intriguing, puzzle game where you have to find clues, and open complicated puzzle boxes, and all sorts of cool stuff. It actually works your brain out. Well, I hoped that the typhoon wouldn’t be too crazy, but even just while I was reading the winds were wicked. It wasn’t raining too much, but the storm made up for it in wind. More on that tomorrow.
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