Japan 2014 post 11

This morning I slept in until nine thirty. Catherine was already gone to teach a lesson, so Yatchan made us some breakfast. I had apple pear, mikan, and some yogurt. After that I had a shower, did my exercises, then sat down to write. I hadn’t been writing for long when Yatchan said they were going to the park and asked if I wanted to go with them. So I did.
Once we got there we played with the soccer balls that Yatchan had brought, and I did some parkour on the tires and cross bar. Then I decided I wanted to do some flips. I ran home and put on a long sleeved shirt, and when I got back I did front flips and sideflips ground to ground, and some websters off of the tires. It was great! Once we got home I finished my writing, and then we had lunch. Yatchan made sausages, and rice. I put rice sprinkles on, and they kind of smelled like fish food pellets, but it tasted good.
Ayana and Atsushi had made a pillow fort, so I played with them in it for a while. We pretended that we each had our own rocket ships, and were going to the planet Cruton. It was fun. Then Ayana and I went back to the park to film a parkour video. It was tons of fun, but afterwards I was really tired! So we lay down and started editing Atsushi joined us too. It didn’t take very long to edit, but I think it turned out awesomely if I do say so myself. After we finished the editing, the three of us played games on my iPad for a little while, then they left so that I could have a nap. I find it nearly impossible to sleep during the day, so I just lay down for a while then read.
When I finished reading I went downstairs with my architecture and did some designing. Catherine was deep frying in the kitchen, so I had to wait until she was close to done before I could make my salad. It had spinach, a type of lettuce, carrots, and cheese. I also out some “magic salt” on it; a spice and salt mixture. We also had a couscous, quinoa, and split pea dish, and homemade deep fried fish. It was amazing. Since Atsushi should be having a little bit of milk product everyday (as well as yogurt), we had chocolate ice cream for desert. Catherine and I did the dishes, and now I’m writing this! I’m still planning on briefly reviewing the kanji cards before bed. Tomorrow I was supposed to have a picnic with Reiko’s family, but since there’s a typhoon coming we’ll have to do something else…
Today was really good, and I’m glad I got some flips and filming in, since it’s going to be windy and or rainy the next few days.


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