Japan 2014 post 10

Today was Saturday, so we all slept in a bit. It’s also Ayana’s seventh birthday! I got up and got dressed then wished her a happy birthday. Last night we had gotten a package from Yatchan’s parents with Ayana’s birthday present, a gift for Atushi, and a bunch of food. Atsushi got a book that teaches hiragana, it looks pretty awesome! And Ayana got a cool book that has facts and information about all sorts of cool stuff.
We had a delicious breakfast, and then had to go to Jusco for Atsushi’s mebae class. It was shorter than usual since it was a test day. Catherine and Ayana stayed to watch, and I explored the mall. I checked out a bunch of shops, but didn’t buy anything. I really liked the furniture/household goods store. They had some really nice bedspreads. I also really liked the bed and table on display.
I was supposed to meet Catherine outside of Atsushi’s class, which I thought meant by the chairs outside the watch shop, since that’s right by his classroom, it’s just down the hall a few steps. While I waited, I sat in on of the massage chairs and payed ¥100 ($1) for a five minute massage. I haven’t had one before, or at least not for a long time, so it was kind of weird! But it was relaxing too. A few minutes after we were supposed to meet, Catherine poked her head out of the hallway. It turned out that they had been waiting for me in the hall, and I had been waiting for them just outside of it! But oh well.
When we got home I wrote and worked out for a while before lunch. Yatchan had to work during the morning, but Catherine and I had the same Avocado sandwiches as yesterday, and a rice, meat, egg, and carrot dish. Ayana and Atushi had eaten at the mall, so they weren’t hungry. There were no English classes today since it was Catherine’s day off, so instead I studied Kanji using the flashcards on the wall. I also used my hiragana playing cards to study hiragana.
During the afternoon, Catherine and I noticed a bunch of bicycles outside of the community building bordering the shrine park. We went for a quick walk to check it out, and on the way we met Yatchan and the kids on their way back from the park. They checked it out with us, but we couldn’t really see much inside the building. We guessed that it was some sort of meeting or party, so we went home. Ayana wanted to play a card game with me after she say my hiragana cards, so we played war together. We played it a bit differently that you usually do so that it wouldn’t take so long to finish. She won a game and I won one. After that I showed her a couple magic tricks, and then she showed me one! I was surprised at how well she did it, I didn’t know how it was done. Catherine said that after I did a magic show at her birthday party two years ago, she’d been interested in it. Pretty cool! I also gave her a birthday present from our family, which she was happy with.
For supper Catherine made an amazing garden salad with cheese cubes in it, two types of beef, chicken on sticks with an amazing sauce on them, and the same bacon and vegetable dish as yesterday. It was delicious. During the meal Yatchan and I discussed travel plans for next weekend, and Catherine helped us brainstorm too. We’re going to the Osaka area (Nara) for some sightseeing. Actually it’s a business trip for Yatchan, but were going for an extra day and checking some stuff out. We’re planning on going to a castle Todai-ji, where the huge Buddha is, a beautiful park (the Buddha is in the park), and to either an original ninja house, or a ninja village. And we get to go on a bullet train. I’m really looking forward to the trip!
After supper, Ayana and I walked over to Rogers to buy us some ice cream for a birthday treat. Oishii!
Tomorrow is another day of rest, so I get to sleep in.
So long for now, Christopherimage


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  1. Posted by ecosophian on October 14, 2014 at 12:25 am

    GO NINJAS!!!


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