Japan 2014 post 9

October tenth
We had egg sandwiches for breakfast, and then Catherine had to take Atsushi to the hospital for a “milk challenge”. Atsushi’s allergic to milk, not just lactose intolerant, he went into anaphylactic shock after drinking it. He hasn’t drank it since the reaction, but Catherine has been slowly reintroducing him to milk products. For instance he has to have a yogurt everyday. Today will be the first time he’s drank plain milk, so we’re a bit nervous.
I stayed home, since I had a Japanese lesson with Maseko this morning, Yatchan is home from work too, but he went to McDonalds while I was having my lesson. It was very challenging, but I enjoyed it. We went over some grammar, what you call your mother, father, sisters, and brothers, and what you call other peoples children, directions, and various place names. We covered these by her asking me questions, and then me answering. In Japanese of course. In fact we tried to use as much Japanese as possible, but when I had questions regarding what we were trying to learn, or if she was explaining or giving instructions, we used English. It was a great lesson, and I’m so glad she was able to do that for me.
Shortly after Maseko went home Yatchan got back from McDonalds. We were running out of salad greens, so I went to Rogers and picked some up, as well as a Salt and Litchi for myself. Almost as soon as I got home, the doorbell rang, and it was the co-op delivery. Included inside were numerous salad greens! But oh well, now we have lots.
When Catherine and Atsushi got home, he needed to sleep, so she out him upstair and the three of us had lunch. I had some rice with bamboo, crab, and squid (or maybe it was octopus) on top. After he made it, Yathcan apologized that it was just fast food, but I didn’t mind, it was amazing. I also had two Mikans, a type of orange similar to Christmas oranges. As we ate, Catherine told us how the milk challenge had went. She had been told to give Atsushi little sips of milk, waiting fifteen minutes in between each dose, and increasing it. The first bit Atsushi spat out, but they couldn’t tell if it was because he was reacting to it, or if he just didn’t like the taste. But they kept going, and eventually Catherine coaxed all of the milk he was supposed to drink into Ats (63 ml) without any reactions. Although he didn’t like the taste of straight milk. He does like yogurt though, and now he can have as much yogurt as he likes. He can also have butter, and ice cream. But not too much of those.
After I finished I did a bit of writing then I met Ayana of her way home from school. We walked home together, then Yatchan dropped Catherine and I off at the Shukaijo, and he and the kids went shopping.
Ayako and Sayune, and Sioko were all there, so the four of us studied Japanese together by writing hiragana words in the sand. I wrote some English ones for Sayune too.
Once Catherine’s lesson was over, we went home for supper. Catherine made open faced guacamole and tomato sandwiches on pumpernickel bread. We also had Edimame, a type of soybean. We had to eat them similarly to peas, shelling them and then eating the bean inside. Catherine also made me some rice with flavoured “rice sprinkles” on top, and baked fish. The whole meal was totemo oishii desu! Very delicious.
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