Japan 2014 post 7

October eighth
Today was a fairly quiet day. Not too long after breakfast, Catherine, Atsushi, and I went to Atsu’s “Panda” class. It’s a Japanese class for kids who are going into kindergarten next year. The class, since it was so kids in the two to four range, had an obstacle course, games, and of course singing and dancing. It was pretty fun. Too bad the obstacle course was just for the kids, I would have liked to try it! When we got home, Catherine taught me how to make egg salad sandwiches, which we then ate for lunch. It’s great to be expanding my cooking repertoire, especially since I will have my own house, and do a lot of my own cooking soon. Plus egg salad is one of my favourites. When we finished lunch, Catherine and I started making supper. It was a stuffed eggplant dish, with mushrooms, onions, garlic, the insides of eggplants, cheese, cottage cheese, rice, and spices all fried together and then stuffed into the hollow eggplants, which were then baked. All thought the frying process it smelled amazing, and before I put the filling into the eggplants, Catherine and I had to have a taste, just to make sure it was safe…
After that I succumbed to my cravings, and went to the park near the shrine to do some parkour. There wasn’t much there, a couple benches, two rocking horses, and three tires set into the ground in a line. Even with not much “stuff” I found that there was a lot to do, and I look forward to training there more. I haven’t done any flips yet though, that will probably come when I’m a bit more familiar with the terrain, and am wearing suitable clothing. I’m being very careful though, and it will continue to be the whole time I’m here. I really don’t want to get hurt while I’m in Japan! But I’m pretty good at knowing my limits, and also being able to control and or redirect myself if I do bail. Anyways, I was really missing being able to do parkour, it made me realize that parkour is more than a sport for me, it’s a passion.
Once I was finished, I had a quick lie down, then went to meet Ayana on her way home from school.
One of Catherine’s neighbours, an older man named Hoshino San, came over for an English lesson. It turned out that I had met him briefly on Monday while I was out biking. (Not when I was lost though) we had talked a bit, using pretty much only Japanese. Today he complemented me on it! He seems like a very nice man, and Catherine really likes him. He’s also very interesting. He’s a very active community member, and does things like calligraphy, ink painting, neighbourhood watch, cleanup, and Tai chi. In fact, he invited me to go with him to tai chi tomorrow. My plan while I’m in Japan is to try everything that comes my way, and not to let opportunity pass by, so I thanked him and said yes. I’m a little nervous because it’s for two hours, and I don’t know tai chi! But I guess I’ll just follow what everyone else does. It should be fun though. And it will definitely be interesting. I hope I’m able to speak Japanese well too.
For supper we had chicken burgers, my salad, and the stuffed eggplants. It was a feast! Everything was delicious, if I do say so myself. Not that I made everything though. After dishes we all went outside to check out the blood moon; an astronomical spectacle where it the moon appears to turn red. I’m not exactly sure why this is, but it has to do with rays of sunlight tinting the earth’s shadow durning a lunar eclipse. It was quite something to watch. It wasn’t exactly like we thought it would be though, we just thought it would be a static, red moon. But instead it was constantly shifting, and disappearing. Although some of that may have been due to clouds, but they were thin clouds so I don’t think so. It was awesome to see it changing colour, and sometimes it lightly pulsed, and strobed, and flickered. There was something about it that made it look more three dimensional than usual. It looked like a giant gum ball floating in the sky! It was awesome.
imageP.S. THe light hovering in the picture is just the kitchen light, I was standing inside when I took this picture.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by ecosophian on October 9, 2014 at 2:55 pm

    Cool that you got to see the blood moon … Jack was talking about it at bible study yesterday.
    I’m glad you’re doing your parkour (stay safe!) and I hope that tai chi goes well. Are you sure it’s tai chi? That is Chinese … but maybe it has migrated to japan as well. Good luck! And stay out of the way of any typhoons!!!!


  2. Yeah, it was pretty cool! Did you get to see it? Or the meteor shower that I heard was happening? I guess tai chi has migrated to Japan as well, because I’m 99% sure that’s what Hoshino San said….
    I will certainly be staying safe, from typhoons and parkour! Love you lots,


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