Japan 2014 post 5

October sixth
Today was a bit unusual. Ayana didn’t go to school since there was a typhoon, instead we all hunkered down inside we had bread, apple-pear, and porridge for breakfast. There were several things in the porridge that I hadn’t tried with it before, like blackberries, coconut, and flax. It was really good.
I was a bit nervous about the typhoon, but it wasn’t too bad. It didn’t directly hit us. Which was good since it was supposed to be ferocious. It was still pretty crazy outside, but not too much worse that a huge rain-wind storm on the farm. That said, there’s a small pond/river in the shrine next to us, and it had overflowed and was sort of flooding. But we weren’t effected. Everything cleared up in the early afternoon, and got to be very hot and humid. It was so hot that everything dried up almost instantly when the sun hit it.
I spent most of the day, including while the typhoon was happening, writing, working on some architecture designs, and studying/reviewing Japanese. I started to design a Japanese tiny house, in which I’ll be trying to use Japanese design principles. It’s just a conceptual design, but it’s fun to do.
Catherine cancelled half of her classes due to the typhoon, but in the late afternoon we went with Atsushi (Ayana was at a friends house) to the Shukaijo for the other two lessons. For the first one, I just watched Catherine teach, and practiced holding my breath. I could hold it for thirty seconds without inhaling or exhaling, and forty five with one exhale. Atsushi wanted to help with the lessons, so I didn’t have get to play with him that much.
During the second lesson Reiko was babysitting Atushi, and we went outside. I’m going to be staying with Reiko’s family for a couple weeks, beginning the 25. She speaks English really well, and is going to help teach me Japanese while I’m with her. I’m really excited to stay with her, she’s a really great person. We talked a lot while the lesson was happening, to catch up a bit. She has two kids who are around my age, and I hung out with them for a day last time, and it was very enjoyable. Staying with them again will be awesome.
We had ribs for supper, as well as one of my salads. I’m really liking that job, it’s fun! It was a fairly simple salad; cucumber, tomatoes, and salad greens. All of which I had bought on a solo shopping trip earlier in the day. While I was at the store I had to ask one of the employees for help finding something, but he didn’t quite understand what I was saying. Fortunately I had written a grocery list in Japanese, so I merely pointed to the item I needed and he understood. After a few minutes of looking around, he found out that they didn’t have any strawberries anyways. I was a big confused because I was almost certain I had asked correctly. When I got home Catherine told me that sometimes people are just surprised that a foreigners is speaking Japanese, and they don’t understand properly. I’m really liking making salad every night, I just hope that they don’t get boring!
Today was a very unusual day, but おもしろい (interesting) too.
So long for now, Christopher   image


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