Japan 2014 post 2

*With the time change, today is the third instead of the second.
My day started yesterday. After going to bed around 9-9:30 I woke up at midnight and couldn’t get back to sleep. I felt lethargic though, so I just dozed for an hour or so and then went on my iPad. It was about 9 AM in Canada, so I was able to talk to my friends. At two o’ clock I decided to get up and unpack. Catherine and Atushi had prepared a great room for me, and it was fun to organize my stuff and find a place for everything. Unfortunately, after that I was wide awake and had no chance of falling back to sleep.
Around 4:30 I showered and got dressed, then did some architecture at the kitchen table.
Later we had breakfast and walked Ayana to the spot where her walking group meets. Her walking group is a number of children from the same school who walk to school together and keep each other safe. That didn’t take long, and afterwards Atsushi and I played in the living (tatami) room until Ayako and Maseko came. They’re two of Catherine’s friends, and students. Catherine asked me to share what my life in Canada is like on the farm. I also had a number of pictures to show them.
By the time the lesson was over, it was getting hot. It was 30° and a little bit humid too. But it was alright, downstairs was pretty cool, so we stayed down there. The morning had been very nice, and I was glad I had gotten up early to enjoy the morning light (and temperature!).
We had delicious meat, cheese, avocado, cucumber sandwiches for lunch. And Catherine introduced me to apple-pears. They’re a delicious fruit that tastes just like an apple, and a pear. I liked it very much. Later in the afternoon, Catherine met Ayana halfway home from school while I stayed home with a sleeping Atsushi.
The rest of the day was consisted of hanging out with the kids, taking Ayana to Pencilia (writing class), grocery shopping, and eating supper. Super was an awesome dish with rice, breaded and fried meat, and salad. I made part of the salad, and then Catherine put sweet potatoes in. They were surprising delicious!
Catherine made me stay up until 8 so that I could get over my jetlag quickly. I’m glad she did. I slept like a log from 8:15 to 7:15, and I didn’t wake up once!

*The following is the rest of yesterday’s story
After disembarking, a Japanese airport staff member took me through customs and immigration. It was super quick, less than 20 minutes. We picked up my luggage, and then went to meet Catherine. The three of us, her, Atsushi, and I, took the train to Mushashi Uruwa (the nearest train station to her house) and then drove from there. One part of the train rode was extremely crowded. We were standing, and there were people pressing on us from all sides. When the train jolted or stopped and started, we were almost pushed over! We couldn’t move, because there were so many people. When the train stopped at the next station, it was a bit disconcerting as people got off!
We picked up McDonalds for a quick supper on our way back home, and then went to bed.

P.S. I’m really sorry, but for some reason I can’t upload pictures right now… If you want I can email them to you though, leave a comment please!



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