Japan 2014 post 1

October first.
Well, today begins the international expedition that has been the subject of my time and savings for the past two years. It feels great to be going back to Japan but at the same time, I know that I will miss my family and friends a lot. I also know that this trip won’t be exactly the same as last time, but that’s a good thing, because there will be lots of new adventures to come.
Since I didn’t do any journaling the past few days, allow me to recount.
On Sunday, it was fall pickup on the farm; the day when the winter CSA members come to see the farm, help out, pickup their veggies, and have an epic potluck. After said potluck, Johnny, Josephine, and I ended up staying at the hall (where a lot of the days events happened) and watched movies together on Johnny’s projector until one in the morning. We had taken over mattresses, so it was nice and comfy! We had some snacks of course too. It was a great way to spend one of my last nights on the farm.

The next day my family, as well as Johnny, played an awesome game of Catan. We all fought hard, but Johnny came out victorious.

Tuesday it was time to leave. After saying goodbye to my family and the pets (unfortunately Shadow was under the weather) Dad and I drove off. We had a nice trip to Canmore, where we spent the night with Dammie and Dampa.
That brings us to today. Although it’s Thursday where I am right now (we just passed the international date line)…
We said farewell to Dammie and Dampa, then Dad took me to the airport. We breezed through check in and security, and spent most of our time sitting in comfy chairs at the gate. When I was called I said a last goodbye to Dad, and stepped aboard my home for the next ten hours; a Boeing 767. The flight (so far) has been good. There’ve been a few patches of turbulence, but nothing too bad. I’ve passed the time enjoying movies and tv shows, writing, and designing a house. Although my windows have mostly been closed, I had some fabulous views, especially over the mountains in Canada and Alaska. And of course the nice views during takeoff.
I’m seated next to a middle aged man who’s going to Vietnam. But he lives in Manitoba. He’s not actually going to Japan, just to Narita airport to get onto his next flight.
The food (two meals) has been good, although nothing like at home. Drinking two and a half soft drinks, as well as lots of water, has also been good. And having to get up and use the bathroom gives me a good stretch.
As I am still on the plane now, I will recount my landing and trip to Catherine’s house tomorrow. I’m so excited!
Farewell for now, Christopher.

Note: I’m publishing this on October sixth, because I wasn’t sure if I would be publishing during or after my trip until yesterday. So for a little while, the stories won’t actually be published on the day they’re from.



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