Japan 2012; An epic adventure post 28

From the journal of Christopher Sanford beck on November 6, 2012

I went to two classes at the Shukijo with Atsushi today. Which was probably for the best, since it was going to be a busy day. The three of us went to Jusco and Catherine made me a photo album to take home! The night before, she had went thought the pictures she and Yatchan had taken, and a few of mine, amd compiled the best ones into an album. There is a place in Jusco which print and binds that kind of thing, so that’s what we were doing. We also had a mid morning snack of hot cocoa and a cinnamon bun because it was a rather chilly day outside. After our snck, the album was finished and we looked through it together in pride. Pride of what we had done while I was in Japan and at what an amazing experience it was. Word cannot describe how I feel right now! I will cherish this gift forever.
Later in the afternoon, Catherine helped me pack. The reason I needed help was because I had acquired a lot of stuff while I was here! From T-Shirts to photo albums, notebooks to long johns! Catherine was an awesome packer because of her time Back Country hiking, along with my mom. Her packing skills reminded me of when mom would pack all of our families bags and equipment into the trunk of our tiny car back at home! I feel really weird, part of me feels like I’m not leaving yet, like I have just gotten here, but not her part of me acknowledges that I have to leave. It’s been a party! But soon it will be time to head home.
I said a lot of goodbyes today. Ayako, Yuta and Sayune came over today and we said a tearful goodbye. They also surprised me by giving me some snacks for the plane ride home. I was going to miss them so much, they had been such great friends and I made sure to tell them that. Then we exchanged contact information and promised to stay in contact. I had also said goodbye to Sioko and Maseko at the babies class and we were all deeply sorrowed. Maseko give me a pair of chopsticks which were disguised as a Ninja Sword! It was so cool! I made sure to use them at supper. Even though I know that I will see people again when I return, it was still an extremely emotional time for me. It was even more emotional when Hayatay and his mother came over to our house to say goodbye. They gave me an absolutely BEAUTIFUL gift. A personal seal/stamp that says my name in Kanji. I told them how much I appreciated them and how much I would miss them. No words were needed. All language barriers were broken. I was going to miss them so so so much.
Once Ayana came home from school I played with her and Atsushi until supper. This was going to be one of the last times played with them and we all had a lot of fun together. Yatchan came home early from work today and picked up some sushi for supper. Catherine had also made up some soup, meats, and other favourite Japanese foods. We all ate, talked no were merry together. After the kids were in bed Yatchan, Cat and I hung out until Catherine went to bed. Then Yatchan and I stayed up until around midnight watching TV and savouring the last night in Japan.

Thank you for reading. Writing this I am filled with sadness and I feel as if I am back in Japan, getting ready to leave. It was been a great thing for me to be able to share this journey with you and I look forward to tomorrow.
P.S. I will do an epilogue, so there will be two more posts!
P.P.S the first picture is of my chop sticks and the second is of the seal.




4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on March 22, 2013 at 5:25 pm

    A big lump has come into my throat & I am overwhelmed. peace J


  2. Posted by ecosophian on March 25, 2013 at 3:56 am

    This reminds me so much of the way I felt when I was travelling in Britain … and the last few days were spent saying goodbye, trying to imagine my way forward to the time I would see these friends again. Bittersweet.


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