Japan 2012; an epic adventure post 27

From the journal of Christopher Sanford beck on November 5, 2012

Today was a full day for us. Catherine had a class at the Shukijo this morning, a Babies Class, which Atsu joined in with me taking the place of the parent so that he didn’t bug Cat while she was trying to teach. After the class was over, we went home and Ats, very tired, had his nap while Catherine and I had lunch and did a bit of reading and preparing for the next class. Once Atsushi woke up, we headed back to the Shukijo. Yatchan, who had a bit of down time before he had a meeting in the same area of the Shukijo, looked after Ats while Catherine did the class and I participated. It was good that Yatchan could look after Ats for this class, because it was the last time I would be here for this class and I wanted to say goodbye to the students! I was going to miss them very much, and they Shukijo! Thinking back, I had sure spent a lot of time at the Shukijo and I had really developed a fondness towards it! After the class finished, Yatchan went to his meeting and I went outside to the park beside the Shukijo to play with Ats while Catherine taught a little kids class. Once the class was over I delighted the students by showing them a bit of magic and it reminded me of the shows I would do in Canada for my little brother and sister. I bought myself a can of Pepsi before Yuta’s class and I was FILLED with sadness and fondness as I said my goodbyes to Kazuya and Momoka, I almost started crying. I couldn’t believe how quickly the time had flown during my stay in Japan. I was glad that I didn’t have to say goodbye to Yuta yet though, because he was coming over to our house to say goodbye tomorrow.
In the evening, Yatchan I did what was quickly becoming routine! Watching TV and visiting until after midnight! I honestly don’t know how I functioned so well since I went to bed so late and usually woke up around 8:30-9:00. I suspect I just got so much energy from my days and my friends; everything!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are enjoying the last few days as much as I was! Try not to think about the fact that there are only two days left, a feat that I did not accomplish while I was in Japan



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