Japan 2012; An epic adventure post 24

From the journal of Christopher Sanford Beck on November 2

Today was a big day! 8:30 AM Catherine drove me to meet up with Shigedy, one of her adult students, whom I was going to spend the day with. After introducing us, Catherine headed home and Shigedy and I set off. A short car ride, two trains and a little walk later, we had arrived at the Junior High/ High school/ University campus. Shigedy had decided to take me to her sons Culture Festival. The Junior High, High School and University had banded together to create an awesome festival! There were performers, games, a haunted house, and needless to say, lots of food! Shigedy and I walked around for a while, stopping occasionally to try a new (food) dish or to watch/ listen to a performer. We went into all of the school building because in most of the class rooms, the students had set up a workshop or game of some sort. We played all sorts of games together, from basketball to shooting (with elastic band guns of course!). In on of the classrooms I even learned how to make a balloon doggie! We had a great time together and the sight and sounds and tastes are too unique to describe! A little while after we ate lunch at a cafe set up by some of the university students and had been serenaded by a string quartet, we stopped by at one of the food tents set up by the High School. Shigedys son was doing some of the cooking their and we stopped to say hi and sample the snack! He was very polite and I was really impressed by how good his English was, I suppose that after being in the school system that long, where you are learning English almost everyday, you would get to be quite good at it! Apparently he was impressed at my Japanese as well, which filled me with warmth inside. Shigedy and I made one final stop, at the haunted house, before heading back to the train station. I had a great time with her and the time had flown by so quickly. I thanked her very much before she dropped me off at the Shukijo.
But the adventures of my day weren’t over yet! Ayako picked me up and took me to her mansion, where Yuta and Kazuya were waiting for us. We were having a sleepover! We spent the evening and into the night playing video games, walking around the neighbourhood, playing basketball, and goofing off! For some of these activities, my friends from Yuta’s school joined us! At first it was only one of them, but eventually word got around and everybody was there playing with us! At one point we got into a bit of trouble because we weren’t supposed to be playing in a certain area. Oops! I had no idea, and I also couldn’t understand what the Japanese lady was scolding us for until Kazuya translated it for me. But then he got into trouble and he had to explain that I was visiting from Canada and couldn’t understand. After that, we all moved on to a different area and ran around, racing and playing tag until it got dark. I was elated that I got to see my friends from school again! And spend so much time with Yuta and Kazuya. Once it got dark, the three of us returned home for some supper and Salt and Litchi! My favourite drink! Then we played video games and goofed around together. At one point, I was taking a big gulp of Salt and Litchi when Kazuya said something hilarious which caused me to spray Salt and Litchi out of my nose and burst into tears of mirth. This outburst naturally caused even more laughter from everybody else and we whee still giggling half an hour later. Eventually we all dropped off to sleep. What an epic day!!!

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment below or send me an email at crowshire@gmail.com
P.S. I apologize, but I didn’t take any pictures at the culture festival because I didn’t take my iPod!





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