Japan 2012; An epic adventure post 22

From the journal of Christopher Sanford Beck on October 31, 2012

Today was an extremely laid back day. After taking Ayana to the bus stop, Catherine, Atsushi and I came home and I played in the living room with Ats. We played with his trucks and cars and planes for a while before he decided to make “sandwiches” instead. Being with Atsushi so much has been just like having a little brother! Ina good way. After playing with him for a while, Catherine came to play with him some more so that I could do some reading and talk with my friends at home.
A bit before lunch, Ayako came over to babysit Atsushi while Catherine taught a class at the Shukijo. I hung out with Ayako for a while and we talked and played with Atsushi. I then decided to go outside and do some J-Boarding.
Later, in the evening, Hayatay came over for his English lesson. I participated, like usual, and we had a good time.
I went to bed on the early side, around nine thirty, and did some reading in bed before going to sleep. Sometimes, a quiet day is nice!

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