Japan 2012; An epic Adventure post 20

From the journal of Christopher Sanford Beck on October 29, 2012

Today was a full day of work. We had one class in the morning, followed by Yogurt and Granola for lunch (Yes lunch!). We rested while Atsushi had his nap, and I worked on my letter to the teacher. Catherine had to leave to teach another lesson, so I stayed home with Atsushi, who was still asleep. When I was home with him, I finished my letter while he was sitting on my knee watching Thomas. I felt great about finishing the letter, and proud as well! At first, copying out the Japanese characters had been extremely hard and I didn’t think I would ever finish, but after a little while, I got used to it. Once Catherine got home, the three of us picked Ayana up from the bus stop and took her to the Shukijo. One of the (2) classes tonight was Yuta, Kazuyah, and Momoka, (all good friends of mine) and I, like usual, joined in with their class and helped Catherine to teach it a little. We had a really good time together, and after the class we played in the playground together. About half an hour later, our family headed back home and had Salad and Chinese Fried Rice for supper. The Salad was especially good, Catherine had bought an amazing salad spice at Jusco (the mall) and it was the first time I had tried it. It was a great day and Catherine and I spent some time visiting after the kids were asleep. I’m feeling very tired though, so I had better go to bed!

Thanks for reading, I hope you are enjoying. If you are, please spread the word about my blog around, I love getting new readers! Also, please comment! Your guys’ feedback is CRITICAL for me to become a better writer 🙂



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by jacquee on March 15, 2013 at 6:02 pm

    Chris, I was wondering about the packaging of the products for sale in the shukijo. Are the product names in english or japanese & do they import much product from english speaking countries? And what about TV, are there any english channels or is it mostly japanese? The little sweetie in your photo must be Atsushi! I am enjoying this trip a LOT & have passed on your web site to a few friends. hugs J


  2. The Shukijo is the community center… Are you thinking of Jusco? If so, it really varies! But its mostly Japanese, same with TV. And yes, they do import.


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