Japan 2012; an epic adventure post 18

From the journal of Christopher Sanford Beck on October 27, 2012

Today I slept in, until 10:00 AM!!! I guess staying up with Yatchan had taken its toll on me. We had hard boiled eggs and toast for breakfast and I played with Ayana and Atsushi (it was the weekend so Ayana wasn’t in school) until eleven “o” clock when Hiyatay and his mother came over to take me bouldering. The three of us climbed until two in the afternoon, stopping only for Onigiri (rice balls) at lunch time. We had a blast! We all completed runs that we had never finished before and our skill progressed. By the time we were done, our hands were calloused and we were stiff and sore all over!
After a quick shower at home (which felt great after the sweat at the gym!) Hiyatay and his parents drove our family to the train station where we took the train and the subway into Tokyo and met Yatchan. After meeting him at the Subway Station, the eight of us walked through down town Tokyo to the Ninja Restaurant. It was incredible! The outside of the restaurant looked shabby. A tiny building with a tin roof. A man dressed in a black suit greeted us at the door and ushered us into the building and down a short flight of stairs into a room with no doors. The man in black blocked the stairway. We were trapped! As soon as I realized this, one of the walls banged open and out walked a ninja! He greeted us and then proceeded to the wall across from him and pushed it open. This was awesome! We then followed him through a low, dark, narrow passageway which was taking us further and further underground. We came out of the tunnel into what looked like a dungeon! The whole restaurant was carved into stone! I was amazed, this was so cool! It was engulfed in semi darkness and it had a low roof, Yatchan told me that they had modelled this restaurant on real life Ninja strongholds. There were several different tunnels and passageways leading to different sating areas and masked ninjas bustled around serving food and posing for photographs. We were seated in a small “room” that looked and felt like a prison cell! We were seated on cushion on the floor and there was a long, low table in front of us, which is quite customary in Japan. We where handed out menus, which Yatchan translated for me, and appetizers were brought in. I ordered a kids meal, which included sushi, beef, vegetables, fruits and fish, among other things. The appetizers consisted of bread shuriken (throwing stars), fish, oysters, chicken, and a while bunch of other amazing foods. The food was AMAZING!!!! I couldn’t believe how good it was! And everyone else agreed. But what made the experience even more amazing was that it was a performance as well. Almost every time they brought us food, we got to see “Ninja Magic” including amazing performances with smoke and fire, appearing and disappearing food, card tricks, slight of hand and more! I loved it! Catherine and Yatchan and I spent the rest of the evening trying to figure out how they had done some of the tricks. It was an EPIC experience and most certainly the best restaurant in the world.
After getting back home, I crashed! It had been a long and rewarding day. Thank you so much Catherine, Yatchan and Hiyaytay’s parents!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed.






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  1. Posted by jacquee on March 12, 2013 at 11:37 pm

    I saw that restaurant or one like it, on the food channel a couple of months ago!! Wildly entertaining!! You are so lucky to have been there in person. What are ‘throwing stars’? Is it a ninja thing? The Japanese have a wonderful way of presenting food. Did you ever figure out any of the majic tricks. I’m really liking your photos. J


  2. Hey Jacquee, That’s really cool that you saw one like it. Where was it, do you remember? I was super lucky!!! Throwing stars are a ninja thing, they are( in real life) thin metal plates in the shape of stars that ninjas would throw at people as a weapon. I figured out some of the tricks, and Yatchan told one of the Ninjas that I could do magic as well, and they said that if I learn how to speak Japanese I could work there! Apparently there are the prerequisites, Speak English, speak Japanese, do magic!


  3. Posted by jacquee on March 13, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    well, there you go, another possible direction to take in your future! And I’m not sure where the restaraunt was but I think it was in the states somewhere. Is there some way that you could countinue to learn Japanese here? J


  4. Yes indeed!
    And yes, but it’s a lot easier to learn when you use it every day!


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