Japan 2012; an epic adventure post 10

From the journal of Christopher Sanford Beck on
October 19
Yatchan and I woke early at six o clock, scarfed down a quick breakfast and jumped onto Yatchan’s bike. Our destination, the nearest train station. After locking up Yatchan’s bike in the special bike garage we hopped onto a train, headed towards Tokyo. Two or three trains later, we arrived at the famous Tokyo station in downtown Tokyo. After a quick walk we were standing in front of a 12 story high rise. The Co-op Plaza. This was where Yatchan worked and where I would be spending the morning. For the next few hours, I had a great time studying my Japanese and drawing pictures. There was a vending machine near where I was seated so I treated myself to a Coke. Yatchan had given me one of his cell phones to borrow, so I called him up and told him that I was just going to go for a little walk downtown to the corner store. It was amazing to walk down the streets of down town Tokyo and to witness myself the vast size of, well everything! The whole time I was checking above me to see if I could spot any of the infamous smog. I don’t know whether it was a clear day or something, but I couldn’t see any. I looked around in the corner store, but there was nothing that I needed, so I walked back to the Co-op Plaza and relaxed until I got a call from Yatchan telling me that he would be down (he worked on the seventh floor) in a minute. He and I walked back down to the train stations and caught a train, heading towards the ANA (All Nippon Airways) museum where Yatchan had booked us a tour! After a quick presentation about the ANA (which Yatchan translated for me) they administered us with safety helmets and we headed into the the Airplane Bay. There we got an up close and personal tour of the Bay, and we got to see several different aircraft up close. Needless to say, it was an incredible experience. After our tour, he jumped back onto the train and headed back into the down town area, were we had a (late) lunch of Tempura Udon, which is noodles, and deep fried shrimp in a hot stew. Once we had finished our lunch, we got onto yet another train(!) headed towards a different part of the city. Yatchan and I had a great time hanging out together, and it felt like we were only on the train a few minutes. Our destination was the Famous Tokyo Tower, a 333M high skyscraper! It looked huge from the ground and I couldn’t believe that I would soon be ascending all the way to the top! At the foot of the tower, stands the Shoguns temple. It is a Buddhist temple, which was dedicated to the Shogun. The temple was a magnificent sight, especially with all the incense and Buddhist monks! After our stop at the temple we continued walking until we came to the base of the Tokyo Tower. We then bought our tickets and went up the elevator to the first viewing station. We were well above most of the buildings, and the skyline was incredible! With huge glass windows all around, I had a great time looking down on all the city hubbub. Yatchan asked if I would like to go even higher, to the special viewing station. I enthusiastically replied yes, so we bought tickets and went up another elevator. If it had been amazing on the first viewing station, I don’t know how to describe the second! It was INCREDIBLE! Die ski des! (I loved it).
We descended the elevator back to ground level and walked around until we found the subway station we were searching for. Once we found it, we took a short subway ride to the Apple Store. I had been looking forward to being in an Apple Store for a long time! Yatchan and I checked out all the new iDevices, the iPods and iPads and iPhones. It was awesome! Then we proceeded to go upstairs and lol at all the accessories. I bought a Griffen Survivor, Military duty case for my iPod for 35,000 yen(about $40) it feels very cool! Once we left the Apple Store it was already dark, and time to start our long journey home. The trains whisked by as Yatchan and I talked about all that we had done today and before we knew it we were peddling home. We had a few quick shops at the Co-op to pick up some sushi, and Mr. Donut for some donuts to take home. Once we arrived, we told Catherine all about our adventures in Tokyo and shared the sushi and donuts. It had been an incredible day.

Thank you hey much for reading and I hope you enjoyed!



6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by chsanf@telus.net on February 16, 2013 at 6:28 pm

    That certainly was an incredible day! If you took pictures, I am looking forward to seeing them. Were you surprised to see McDonalds and Mr. Donut shops? Did you have a bike to peddle to the station on? What did you learn about what Yat does at work? Why does he have more than one cell phone?

    Love Dammie


    • It sure was an incredible day! I too lots of pictures, so when we are in Panorama I can show you guys for sure! I wasn’t surprised to see McDonalds and Mr. Donut, Japan retains a lot of its traditional value, but especially in the city, modern culture is still there!
      I didn’t have a bike, so i rode on the back off Yats bike. Yat manages the citrus fruit department in co-op. He has two phones, a business phone and a personal phone.


  2. Posted by jacquee on February 17, 2013 at 8:21 am

    WOW!! If you are looking down on some sky scrapers in the photo, YOU WERE REALLY HIGH UP!!!!!!!! I would be crawling on my hands & knees! Do most people use bikes & trains for transportation? Does it cost much for the trains? Did you see anyone with the breathing masks on? Did you get to go in the buddist temple? I had to laugh when you said the apple shop (chuckle). My first thought was an eating apple! I know, pretty dumb. Is where you are staying a suburb of Tokyo? I’m enjoying this very much. Thanks J


    • We were extremely high up, but i enjoy that. A lot of people do use bikes and trains, since its even more expensive to have a car in japan than it is to have one in canada. the trains don’t cost much maybe a few hundred yen… We didn’t see any one with BREATHING masks on, but there were lots of people with the masks that people thee wear when they are sick. I was aloud to go into the temple! We are staying in a city, that is similar to a suburb, but not quite.


  3. Posted by ecosophian on February 20, 2013 at 8:21 pm

    Hey Jacquee, don’t worry about the Apple store thing …. Janice thought the exact same thing you did!
    Christopher, I would have loved to see the Shogun’s Temple. Are you sure it was Buddhist, or was it Shinto?


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