Japan 2012; An epic adventure post 4

Today was a very fun day! I had a great sleep last night, and woke at a good time. For breakfast Yatchan prepared Golden Kiwi, yogurt, and grapes. It was a weekend, so every body was home. We started off the by by Catherine and Yatchan introducing me to their neighbors, and they’re eleven year old son, Hiyatay. Hiyatay and Ayana and I went off in search of Praying Mantis and butterflies. We found a lot! Then Hiyatay taught me how to Jayboard (kind of like skateboarding). Hiyatay speaks a little bit of English, but we still needed some help communicating, for the first while at least.

Later in the day, Catherine, Yatchan, Ayana, Atsushi, and I all went to Entertainment Center, something similar to an arcade, except way better! There were darts, bowling, an arcade, pool, and karaoke. It was Ayana’s birthday party! A bunch of Ayana’s friends from school and her English class. That’s were I met Yuta, he and I developed into great friends. He is the son of Ayako, whom I met at the English class on Friday. I also met her daughter Sayune. For Ayana’s party we were bowling, it was my first time ten pin bowling! I used a 7 pound ball, and got a few strikes. Everybody has having a great time. After bowling was over, every one headed back to Catherine’s place, and Yatchan went out and bought McDonald’s for every one. After eating our lunch, we all walked over to the Shrine park ( named because it was right beside a Shinto Shrine) and there was a scavenger hunt all set up for us, and when we found all the pieces, it formed a puzzle, wishing Ayana a great birthday! After that we went back to Catherine’s house and I did a little magic show. It was very well received! Yuta and Sayune, really wanted to learn how to do magic, so after cake, I taught them all that I knew, and using my knowledge of Japanese, theirs of English, hand signals and a translating app, they got very good!

Once every one went home, our family had a great supper of noodles, bamboo, and pork, followed by a walk down to Rogers, the local supermarket, for dessert! It was a long but great day!

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more tomorrow.



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  1. Posted by jacquee on February 11, 2013 at 2:58 am

    Another stellar post! I didn’t know praying mantis were so prevalent. I take it you took this pic & so didn’t have the insect? on your hand. Did you learn much about this species? It’s weird: he’s looking me right in the eye! Glad you are finding new friends. They all have such wonderful names. J


    • Thanks! And yes, there are quite a lot of praying mantis, were Catherine lives at least.
      I did take the picture, I was to scared to hold it! I didn’t learn much about the species, but I did learn that the female, eat the males heads after they mate!


  2. Posted by chsanf@telus.net on February 11, 2013 at 4:48 am

    It does sound like a very full day, Christopher. Was this your first full day in Japan? Were you surprised that McDonalds was party fare in Japan? Love Dammie


    • Yes it was a very full day! It was my second (full) day. I also posted those, they are just a bit farther down! I was not surprised that they have McDonald’s, and it’s not “usual” to have it, but Catherine and Yatchan thought it was the easiest for a large group of (mainly) small kids!
      Love Chris


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