Open letter to Stephen Harper

Hello all, sorry it’s been a while since I posted, hope you liked the story!

I wrote an open letter to Stephen Harper a little while ago, so here it is. Oh yeah, and you can forward it around as much as you like, repost it on your sites, whatever, it’s an open letter!

To Stephen Harper

My name is Christopher and I live in a beautiful place called Canada. I am so happy to live in a place with such natural beauty. I hope that you can look out your window and see that beauty. We are so lucky to have such great beauty, the prairies, the mountains, the oceans, the ice and snow in the north. All of that is very important to us, it’s important to our heritage and culture. It would be a real shame if we lost even a little bit of that, and the proposed Enbridge “Gateway” pipeline would destroy a lot of that natural beauty in the west.  It is proposed to run from the tar sands in Alberta all the way across British Columbia, and out to the Pacific Ocean, where the oil would be shipped off in huge super tankers to other countries. I sure hope that this does not happen. The pipeline runs through land that has always been held by first nation’s peoples. The land belongs to them still to this day and it would be shameful to run a pipeline, so destructive, through something that isn’t even yours.

There are a few reasons why this pipeline would be good to no one. First of all, the building of the pipeline would involve taking down lots of trees and natural places, second of all, pipelines spring leaks all the time and the land around the pipeline would be polluted with oil, and if the pipeline was running uphill, or near water, then all of that water, and the water that it flows into would be polluted. Third of all, it would be running through land that belong to the first nation’s peoples, fourth of all, these huge supertankers would have to navigate themselves through reefs and dangerous waters to get to the ocean and if one of the tankers sunk, all of the oil in it would spill and it would be horrific. Just look at the oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico and the Exxon Valdese oil spill, an oil spill here could be just as bad. It isn’t true that there is no chance of an oil spill here; there is a chance wherever there is oil. Fifth of all the project would be taking away jobs, such as the fishing industry and the tourism industry. No one wants to eat fish from an oil spill and people don’t want to tour the dead, black ocean. And there are many other safety things involved as well.

I hope that this letter has made you realize how bad that this project will be, and that you make sure it doesn’t go through.

Remember, as the prime minister of Canada, we expect you to do the best for all of the people, wildlife, and lands in Canada and not just the people who benefit from horribly stupid things like this pipeline.

I await your response

—Christopher Sanford Beck,  age 11





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  1. Posted by jacquee on January 19, 2013 at 3:32 pm

    Where are you? Having a hard time waiting to hear of your travels to Japan!
    peace J


  2. Yeah sorry! I am really busy lately, but it’s on my list!


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