Hey every one! I thought i would post a short story that i wrote for me my auntie jacquee.

It’s Tuesday May 1st and I wanted to try out the bike that my Aunt had given me the previous day. Excited by the new gadgets and gear my Dad and I set out on a long ride to the U of S for a drink at Browsers Café. It was a long ride and we biked quickly for fear of the rain. I was amazed with my bike at the gears; it had been so long since I didn’t have to walk my bike up all the hills!

It was going fine up until the university bridge, where it started to rain. We both pulled over so that I could change out of my leather jacket and into my rain coat and pants, which I had stored in the saddle bag.

“Dad!” I called out.

“Yes?” He replied

“I can’t see a thing.”

And I couldn’t. In the few minutes it had taken me to get from my leather jacket to my rain clothes, the light shower had turned into a down pour.

“Just stay right behind me.” Dad called back over the torrent of rain pounding on us.

So I followed him very closely up the bridge. But about halfway up the bridge, I stopped to readjust my helmet.

“Just a sec Dad!” I called up the bridge.

No answer. I hoped that his reply had only been taken away by the wind, but a feeling in my gut suggested that he hadn’t heard me.

Determined to catch up, I put my gears onto two and peddled as fast as I could.

“Dad! Daaaaaad! Please wait up!”

I knew it was hopeless; I would just have to go on by myself and meet him at Browsers. So on I biked. I made it up the bridge and was getting ready to cross my first street when I noticed something strange. I looked up from the ground to check for cars, when I realized that there were no cars, as were there no street! Where was I?! I squinted to try to see through the rain to all of my surroundings, but I must have been squinting too hard, because right in front of me I saw a huge creature made entirely of rain! I stopped squinting so that I could see what it really was; but to my surprise it was still the same thing!

“Ahh!” I yelled, and the thing looked at me.

“What are you!?” I shrieked.

“I,” The thing said in a deep rumbling voice,

“Am the Rain Spirit!”

“Oh” I squeaked

I knew that something great and mysterious was happening, something ancient and powerful,

and is scared my pants off.

“Please, Oh, great Spirit being,” I said in my voice that I used with great, powerful, scare your pants off, beings.

“take me back to where I belong!”

The Spirit being looked at me oddly.

“Why do you want to return?” He asked.

“I wish to return to my family, and to walk again with my own race.”


My eyes opened, and I was lying in my room, my alarm clock ringing wildly, signaling that it was 9:00 and time to get up.

“Hey Christopher!” Dad exclaimed

“You wanna bike down to browsers today?”



6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jacquee on May 6, 2012 at 11:21 pm

    GREAT story Christopher!! Thank you soooo much! You definitely have a gift with conversation in the written word. I hope you have many happy ‘cycling days’ ahead. peace Jacquee


  2. Thanks so much antie jacquee!


  3. hey Chris it’s Nyang i want to visit you this summer could you tell me adress


  4. I’ll be on the internet at around 5:00


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