U of S and Biology

Today my Dad and I headed out to Staples to photocopy my 1st issue of the magazine. After we finished that, we decided to head over to the university. When we arrived we went over to Biology museum we started by checking out the fish and marine life. I was amazed by one exhibit in particular. It was the one that had crabs. At first, all I could see were the crabs, but after a few minutes of looking, I discovered that the tank was alive! It had living rock, California Sea Cucumber, Feather duster reef, and other things I couldn’t name! It reminded me that there is so much more to lakes and rivers and oceans than the water. There are worlds down there! It also got me wondering how all of that life came to be. As a Christian, I believe that GOD created it all. But through evolution. With that mystery still in mind, I proceeded through the museum.
I came to an exhibit on the evolution of the Horse. Did you know that the horse started out the size of a cat?! But anyways, seeing that exhibit and a display on mammal evolution made me understand a little better the question I was pondering. We continued through the museum and looked at Degu creatures, which are a lot like mice, a black rat snake, and some toads. While looking at the Degu, my mind snapped back to evolution and how all mammals have similar qualities, and some are so similar, most people think them the same. Like the Degu, when I saw it at first, its appearance was so strikingly similar to a mouse, that I thought “Hey look, it’s a huge mouse.” But no, it’s not a huge mouse, it’s a Degu, its own species.
That’s all I have for today:)


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  1. Posted by dad on February 7, 2012 at 4:22 am

    Hi Christopher … yeah, definitely a fun and interesting morning today. I’m glad the museum got you thinking about the theological implications of our evolutionary history … lots of stuff to explore there!
    By the way, remind me to tell you about the secret stairway I found in the STM library.


  2. Yep! That was definitely fun! I thought quite bit yesterday. 🙂
    What secrete stair at the STM library?


  3. Posted by jacquee on February 8, 2012 at 1:32 am

    What a treasure you found today!!!!!!!!!! I WANT TO GO TOO!!!!!! By the way, can I get a copy of your first issue? hugs Jacquee


  4. Thanks! I’m really glad that I was able to go as well! And I will get you an issue as soon as I can!


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